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Seattle Seahawks:

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Seattle Seahawks, the Hawks of American football, are ready to strike again this season. They have grown steadily since the day of their establishment in 1976. They played in the American Football Conference till 2001 but unfortunately did not strike any luck. They started playing for National Football Conference in 2001 and saw their first conference level victory in 2005. Seattle Seahawks are the champions of Western division for more than five times with a winning streak of four years in a row. The Seattle Seahawk tickets for their home games at Century Link Field are available for the entire season.
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St. Louis Rams is facing Seattle Seahawks on 12/19. The Rams are back to take their rivals down this season. The St. Louis Rams, Super Bowl champions, have been playing for years but Seattle Seahawks is a tough competition too. They have been one of the few expansion teams of the National Football League and have been playing for American Football Conference as well as the National Football Conference. They have been the feisty members of the Western Division, winning above six titles over the years, with the most recent success in the year 2007. Their National Football League playoff appearances for the year; 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 1999, 1988, 1987, 1984 and 1983 have been worth remembering. Seattle Seahawks have been playing their home games at the Qwest Field of Seattle Washington since 2002. They were playing their home games earlier in the Kingdome and were later shifted to Husky Stadium for the 1994 season. The Seattle Seahawks has been associated with amazing names such as these Hall of Famers; Franco Harris, Steve Largent , Carl Eller , Warren Moon, John Randle and Jerry Rice. The Seattle Seahawks had dramatic beginnings with their owner passing away before even they sailed in for their first season. The effects of their bumpy start continued to reflect in their performance till the early 80s. Their playoff appearance in 1983 brought a glimmer of hope to their fans. Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl win against the Pittsburgh Steelers put them in the A-team of football. To catch the Seahawks in live action, get your Seattle Seahawks Tickets now!
Their stable standing in the National Football League is evident from their eleven appearances in the NFL playoffs. The preseason performances are showing some promise for the season. The Seattle Seahawks fans are excited, hoping to see their team strike the most memorable goals of the season. Their anticipation is no less than a tough combat against their worst rivals. There is going to be a lot of enthusiasm and drama on the field this season. If you are also a Seattle Seahawks fan, catch this season’s action at the Century Link Field. Seattle Seahawks Tickets are up for sale now!

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