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In the 15 th Century in Italian Renaissance courts, ballet was introduced as a formal kind of dance focusing more on the artistic yet intrinsic moves of the body. It was further developed into a concert dance form in Russia and France and since then it has its own vocabulary and is rated as one of the highly technical dance forms of all times. The term ballet itself emerged in the Greek times meaning to jump about or to dance which later had its diminutive in Latin as ballare or ballo and eventually it had its origin in French which English borrowed in 1630. Now a number or ballet styles have emerged and it has become an art form which is to be acquired and practiced to gain proficiency. Amongst many ballet companies Scottish Ballet is the most noted one across the globe which is the National Ballet Company of Scotland based in Glasgow .

Two energetic souls Elizabeth West and Peter Darrell thought of founding a ballet company way back in 1957 under the title of Western Theatre Ballet in Bristol . In 1969, the company was shifted to Glasgow and was given a new name of Scottish Theatre Ballet and finally sufficing to Scottish Ballet in 1974 till this day. The ballet was performed at the Theatre Royal, Glasgow thus rated as the home theatre of Scottish Ballet which was soon transformed into the initial national opera house in Scotland when Scottish Opera was performed here. Pertaining to the strong classical techniques, the Scottish Ballet performs all around the globe primarily across Scotland and UK . Some of the repertory that it focuses upon includes signature choreographed moves by the legend choreographers, 20 th century modern ballet canon and some of the new versions of classics. With the prestigious honor of being a national company, Scottish Ballet performs in all the theatres at Glasgow , Edinburgh , Inverness and Aberdeen while the other small venues are also there all around Scotland .

The Scottish Ballet is not just involved in performing at various venues alone, rather comprehensive programs are also run by the company thus adding life to this classic genre of performing arts. There is no age restriction and no specific abilities are required to get this art. The Associative Programmes excites the young souls to pursue it as a career and exploit their talents in every possible way. In an effort to broaden the horizon of the talent, Scottish Ballet introduced an audio programme for the visually impaired talented dancers thus making them useful members of the society.

With an extensive history of long tours, the Scottish Ballet visited Hong Kong , China , Portugal , Ireland , Malaysia and the UK thus promoting the art of ballet all across the globe. In their extensive effort to promote professionally trained ballet dancers, Scottish Ballet was awarded with TMA Award in 2004 for its Outstanding Achievement in Dance. This was in fact recognition of Scottish Ballet for their efforts in bringing forth the dynamic performances and the modernistic approach in ballet. In 2006, Ashley Page, the Artistic Director of Scottish Ballet was awarded with OBE for the mind-blowing performance and dance services in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

Encompassing a humongous range of repertoire, Scottish Ballet is proud to have an unending list based upon classical ballet, new versions of classical ballet and the contemporary dance. From the praise worthy works of Kevin Walls the list goes on and on and reaches Stephen Petronio’s premieres eventually. Each performance has its own distinctive style and the presentation makes an aura in the minds of the audience that compels them for sure to visit theatres once again. It is this performance benchmark that is hard to achieve by many and so it attracts a class of people who have this knowledge of ballet and the ability to appreciate it too. With the tipping toe movement to the harmonious swings and lifts, Scottish Ballet is sure to impress you this season and leave an impression which is hard to be eclipsed by any other performance. Seize the moment and clutch Scottish Ballet Tickets before they while away! Their performance would never give you a chance to regret the value you paid to view it. This is our guarantee for sure!

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