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Based in the Salt Lake City, Utah, the Salt Lake Bees came into existence back in 1994; and since then they have been a member of Pacific Coast League. Salt Lake Bees play their home games at the Spring Mobile Ball Park which is more commonly known as the Apiary among the fans of the franchise. Spring Mobile Ball Park also opened its doors in 1994, and has the capacity of upholding 15,500 attendees. Salt Lake Bees hold a Triple A affiliation with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, a Major League Baseball Franchise.

Back when the team was founded in 1994, it was originally known as the Salt Lake Buzz. The team retained that name up till 2000. In 2001, the team’s was changed for the first time, and it was renamed to Salt Lake Stingers. This change in the name of the team occurred due to some legal issues. Salt Lake Bees has been known for holding some of the finest baseball players in its roster, which is why one of the Bees’ players, John Lackey, was called upon by the Angels during their 2002 season. As the Angels made it to the 2002 World Series, John Lackey re-wrote the history as he managed to become the game’s winning pitcher. By earning this achievement, Lackey became the first rookie in 100 years to do so.

Franchise’s third and last change in the name occurred on October 27, 2005, when the name of the team was changed to Salt Lake Bees. The name was taken from a former PCL franchise that played from Salt Lake City from 1915 to 1926. During its tenure, the original Bees weren’t as successful on the field, as they were in attracting huge amounts of fans to their games. Being the only baseball team in Salt Lake City, original Bees enjoyed a vast loyal fan base.

Back in those days Vernon Tigers played from Los Angeles in the PCL, after they relocated from Los Angeles in 1925, the owner of the Bees was advised to move the team to the bigger market in Los Angeles, and so the team moved to Los Angeles that year. After relocating to Los Angeles, Bees initially took the name Hollywood Bees, but it was later changed to Hollywood Stars. The team played ten seasons as the Hollywood Stars, and then relocated yet again to San Diego, where their name was changed to San Diego Padres. The team played in San Diego from 1936 to 1968.

The reincarnation of Salt Lake Bees took place when Joe Buzas (Owner of Portland Beavers) and Salt Lake city made a deal. According to that deal, Buzas would move his team to Salt Lake City after the city builds a new ballpark. The team moved to Salt Lake City in 1994 after a new ballpark by the name of Franklin Question Field opened its doors for baseball fans. As the baseball returned to the Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Buzz saw overwhelming amount of baseball fans, and broke all PCL attendance records. After playing as Salt Lake Buzz for few year, the team renamed to Salt Lake Stingers in 2001, until finally settling for Salt Lake Bees in 2006.

Over the years, the team has had quite a number of shining moments in its history. The team claimed its first division titles as well as the conference title in its second season of play in 1995, and also made their first league championship appearance. So far the team has claimed a total of seven division titles and three conference titles. The most recent division title came in 2008, while the conference title was won in 2002. As of the moment, Salt Lake Bees current regular season is on the way. So if you’re a true baseball fanatic, Salt Lake Bees tickets wouldn’t disappoint your expectations from the game.

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