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It is time for some fierce action so what are you waiting for? Get your Royal Rumble tickets and get ready to witness action at its best. There is nothing as invigorating as seeing powerful men trying to best each other right in front of your eyes. You will enjoy every single second of the live display of strength when you get the tickets for one of the most anticipated events of WWE i.e. the Royal Rumble.

The Royal Rumble is the brainchild of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the world’s largest professional wrestling company. WWE denotes quality so be prepared for some enthrallingly entertaining time while witnessing their powerful event, the Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble is a fantastic event, which is directly aired to be seen by viewers who have purchased the rights to view it. However, the television telecast is simply incomparable in terms of excitement to the invigoration felt while witnessing the majestic event live. So, don’t wait to think; just get your tickets today.

The Royal Rumble inaugurated with a bang on 24 January, 1988 . The first event was not pay-per-view as WWE wanted to give everyone a taste of the thrills of the event before asking the viewers to pay to view it. Since then, every January, wrestling fans anxiously await the occurrence of this mind-blowing match where powerful men try to throw each other out of the ring; the winner is the last man standing.

20 wrestlers competed in the inaugural match held in 1988 in Ontario ’s Copps Coliseum. The goal was to throw each other over the top rope. A wrestler was eliminated when his both feet touched the venue floor. The idea of the Royal Rumble was a huge success and the show rapidly assumed the position among the top four annual pay-per-view events of WWE.

Another important feature about the Royal Rumble is that not all the contestants, usually 30, are inside the ring in the beginning. All the contestants are assigned entry numbers, usually through lottery but contestants can also get desired numbers by winning matches that are held before the Royal Rumble. The wrestlers with entry number 1 and 2 are inside the ring first and the others join one by one after an interval of sixty or ninety seconds or even two minutes. The order of entry is according to their entry numbers. First there are only two battling to throw each other out, and then there are three, four, five, and so on. The viewers forget to blink while watching the exhilarating event on television so imagine seeing the bone crunching, invigorating action happening right in front of you.

The Royal Rumble event is always exhilaratingly exciting with loads of thrills, powerful moves, and covert actions. Hence, you will be entertained throughout the fabulous match while keeping count of who stays the shortest time inside the ring and who eventually wins. So, get your Royal Rumble tickets and have an action-packed evening with your friends.

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