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Rock City is one of the most beautiful walking trails, comprising of soaring rock formations, beautiful gardens and caves. The place is visited by more than half a million people every year as from the top the view shows seven states. With man made adjustments the naturally made venue has been transformed into a multipurpose venue used for concerts, lectures, trade shows and book signings. The Rock City tickets sell like hot cakes. Among the different events and activities people can enjoy at the Rock City is the Rock City Raptors. The very exciting and informative activity allows you to get close to different birds of prey like the hawks, bald eagles, owls, and vultures that fly through the crowd. And under the guidance of expert handlers there are also walk through sessions. The event takes place in the Critter Classroom which is situated inside the entrance to Rock City and has seats in an outdoor area for members of the audience to observe and enjoy the birds in flight.

For flower enthusiasts there are Rhododendrons, Native Azaleas, Rose Campion and Mountain Laurel to enjoy during the months of May in the Southern Blooms Festival. But there are also horticultural activities and events to be enjoyed year round. More often than not visitors would stumble upon a book signing happening at the venue, there are guided garden tours and free live music to enjoy. There are a lot of activities aimed at the children as well like Rock Climbing and Fairyland Forrest Makeovers.

Over the weekends there are musical performances featuring the music of New Binkley Brothers, which can be enjoyed together with amazing Bar-B-Que from Seven States Flag Court. In addition to this on the last Saturday of every month, visitors interested in playing music themselves can join the Binkley Brothers on stage in open jamming sessions.

One interesting thing about natural built and preserved sites like the Rock City is that they will cease to exist if proper care is not taken in their maintenance and the management as well as the visitors are not mindful of this fact in their use of the facilities. For this reason a lot of the emphasis is placed on nature preservation, recycling and responsible use of resources at the Rock City and many activities and events are designed and built around this phenomenon. For almost the whole month of April the management runs an event called the Earthdayz with lectures informing the visitors of roles they can play in preserving the natural beauty of this planet. Activities throughout the month include Make & Take Recycling Projects which cover designing jewellery from no longer needed items, making pots from newspapers and other things.

The Enchanted Garden Of Lights which is in its eighteenth year and uses a lot of LED lights and colorful decorations to celebrate the holiday season. It is a much loved event by children who are excited to meet the Santa and his elves, have dinner with him, and become playacting fairies. Get the Rock City tickets now.

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A:Rock City Tickets will be delivered to you through FedEx. They can also be collected from the venue but only if you chose that option.