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Get ready to experience a load of tummy tickles as Rickey Smiley comes to your city to spread laughter! Rickey Smiley does not only do standup comedy but is also an actor, the host of a morning show and probably the only prank caller who is loved by almost every American.A multitalented artist, Rickey Smiley was born in the city of Birmingham in Alabama, USA. He graduated from Alabama State University. A member of the fraternal organization called ‘Omega Psi Phi’ which is America’s first ever African-American fraternity, he is proud of this membership and usually conveys this information to his listeners and viewers when performing. He has ten children; two from his marriage and eight as a result of adoptions. Among his many talents is his ability to play piano as well as organ.

Rickey Smiley embarked upon his career in the field of entertainment when he started hosting shows. His first one was “ComicView” on BET in the year 2000. Some of his other comic acts, many of them aired on HBO, include “Showtime at the Apollo”, "Snaps", "Def Comedy Jam", "Uptown Comedy Club", "Comic Escape", and "The Nashville Network". What brought him greater fame and won him more fans was the fact that he was among the few comedians who relied on humor and not vulgarity to make people laugh. He achieved this clean humor by role-playing several characters that were fictional. The names of these characters were Bernice Jenkins , also known as ‘Granny Swims’, Beauford who is a redneck, Rusty Dale and Lil’ Daryl. He would alter his voice to give life to these characters.

They became so famous that when he was made the host of a morning show on KBFB radio station located in Dallas in the year 2004, they introduced a feature of “Prank Calls”. Prank calls brought a new high for him and the most popular one was called “Buried Alive” where he called a cemetery and said that he was a worker at the cemetery who had fallen asleep in a casket and was buried alive so could somebody please dig up the grave and get him out. Another one is “Is My Daddy Over There” where his character Lil Daryl and brother Brandon call up a lady to inquire about their father who was supposed to bring them milk for their cereal. In his “Pray for Me” acts he uses his granny character to call another character "Miss Ola Mae Benton Carter Jackson Glenn" and tells her about a church member who has suffered in some way and requests her to pray for that church member’s soul.

Disguising and alternating his voice was one talent that won him the hearts of millions. Up till now five albums of his prank calls have been released. These include “The Best of Comedian Rickey Smiley Vol. I”, “Rickey Smiley: Prank Calls Vol. II”, “Rickey Smiley: Vol. III”, “Rickey Smiley "Off the Hook Volume 4" and “Rickey Smiley: Vol. V” in a chronological order. His latest album was released in the spring of 2006. Based on some of his comic acts, Rickey Smiley has released comical songs like "Roll Tide" and "We Miss Robert". Demand for his morning show is increasing in number day by day. They have grown to an amazing number of 40!Rickey Smiley has been on many tours in the US of A. He prefers to travel in his own truck if the destination of his show is in a nearby city. His gigs have always proved to be successful as he leaves people rolling on the ground in his wake, so much so that a time or two, paramedics had to be called in when people could not control their laughter.

It would not be wrong to say that his unique style of comedy has become a brand of its own. His sharp observation of ordinary people is evident in the portrayal of his characters. His understanding of the absurd and its importance in the daily life as well as his ability to distinguish between actual humor and vulgarity has set him apart from other comedians. These abilities have given a very honest quality to his comic acts. And that honesty tickles your funny bone the moment he steps on stage. Rickey Smiley is surely one of a kind. Rickey Smiley Tickets cannot be missed if you are looking for a fun-filled time.

Rickey-Smiley is a television host, a standup comedian, an actor and a radio personality. He is famously known for his prank phone calls. Rickey-Smiley has also released many humorous songs which have been based on his funny bits such as “Roll Tide” and “We Miss Robert”. He at present hosts a morning show on a Baltimore, Maryland radio station. To witness this man’s hilarious comic acts which are blended with funny songs is a true delight. He is scheduled to give a live performance soon. So if you want to see a show which is hilarious beyond words, get the Rickey-Smiley tickets. You will definitely be in for a real funny treat.

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