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The Lion has long been regarded as a creature that has incited both fear and admiration. Commonly referred to as the king of the beasts, its symbolism has featured heavily throughout the millennia in societies all across the world. The royal bloodlines have held it in high esteem ever since the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs assimilated lion imagery in their depiction, taking a cue from the Great Sphinx that represents a creature with a humanoid head and a body resembling that of a lion. In the past couple of centuries, lion symbols have been incorporated in many emblems and coats of arms of European royalty and aristocracy, though intriguingly lions have not existed in Europe since the times of the Greeks. The Reading Royals however seem to have taken everything that lions represent, ferociousness, super strength, regality and all, and embraced it as their figurative persona. However to find out whether these ice hockey players are lions in the arena too, you will have to get yourself some Reading Royals tickets.

Before coming into their royal right in 2001, the Reading Royals led a chilled out existence throughout the 1990s as the Columbus Chill. However, on the eve of the new millennium, the chill departed from Columbus, Ohio and enveloped Reading, Pennsylvania. As members of Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference of the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL), the Reading Royals have served as both a professional ice hockey team in their own right as well as player feeders for the NHL teams of Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins as well as to the American Hockey League (AHL) team the Toronto Marlies.
The Reading Royals in their previous incarnation as the Columbus Chill set into two division championships in the 1996–97 and the 1998–99 seasons. In their current persona, the Reading Royals have also scored only two Division Championships. Though they did make to the Kelly Cup Playoffs 6 times since their first appearance in 2004 whilst playing under head coach Derek Clancey, the Reading Royals were unable to advance beyond the first round in the Kelly Cup playoffs for three subsequent seasons.
Eighteen former Reading Royals have been drafted in to NHL teams as well as all Royals players in the 2010 roster were considered for stepping up their game to the AHL, which is a tier above the ECHL. Notable players include Jon Quick and Barry Brust who play as goalies for the NHL Los Angeles Kings as well as Ryan Flinn , winger for the Phoenix Cayotes . Along with Clancey , veteran NHL player Larry "The legend" Courville has also performed coaching duties for the hockey monarchs.

The Reading Royals regally play on the icy arena of the Sovereign Center, where they have averaged 5,000 fans per game and are close to playing in front of their two millionth spectators in attendance. So get your paws on some Reading Royals tickets now to see them snarl and tear the competition apart with their sharp steel claws as well as carving up the ice as they pounce for the puck again and again.

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