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Radiohead is a band which evolved from a famous Britpop band to a point where it became one of the most famous rock bands in the world, incorporating modern rock genre into their music. The band was originally formed with the name of “On a Friday” but eventually changed it to Radiohead. Thorn Yorke is the big hand behind Radiohead and is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band while Jonny Greenwood, Ed O’Brien, Colin Greenwood and Phil Selway are other band members. The band got its international hit with the single “Creep”, but it wasn’t an instant success as this single did not get recognition several months after its release. And from then onwards, it was always uphill for the band. Radiohead has sold a record of 30 million copies of their albums all over the world and have won numerous prestigious music awards, including their name amongst “The Greatest Artists of All Times” by Rolling Stones. From the album sales to Radiohead tickets for their live concerts, the band has been exceptional in all aspects.
Radiohead has taken their musical inspiration from some big guns of rock industry like Queen, Pixies and Sonic Youth and has also been a major influence for a number of young rock bands. Thorn Yorke got his name inducted among greatest singers while Jonny Greenwood and Ed O’Brien produced such an exceptional music with guitars that they were regarded among the best guitarists in rakings by the famous magazine, Rolling Stones. While the first album of the band, Pablo Honey, did not get much fame, Radiohead saw their first hit in UK with the release of their second album, The Bends, released in 1995. OK Computer was the third studio album of the band which became the band’s first international hit. This album featured modern alienation as its basic theme and an outgoing sound experimentation, which made it a landmark album of the 1990s.
Winners of three Grammy’s and three Q Awards among numerous other nominations, Radiohead adopted a new musical style in early 2000s with their two albums, Kid A and Amnesiac. These albums marked an evolution in the usual musical style of the band, featuring experimentation with electronic music and also having jazz influences. Another change in the musical style came with the next album, Hail o the Thief, released in 2003. Until this album, Radiohead had worked under a famous record label of EMI. This album featured a mix of piano with the usual guitars which the band is so popular for, follow up of electronic music from their successful previous albums and war inspired lyrics. The next two albums, In Rainbows and The King of Limbs, were independently released by the band in 2007 and 2011 respectively. This new style of sale adopted by the band made it more desirable and even more rock fans were attracted to it.
There are a few rock bands whose live concerts are enjoyed as much as Radiohead and not only among the fans but also among critics. The band has built a reputation which has brought them to the heights of fame any rock music band could dream of. The band pulled just the right strings of the rock-hungry people and in return they got a fan following which spawned over the whole world. Live performances of the band witnesses’ phenomenal ticket sales and the band have performed before sold out venues more often than not. Radiohead has been giving its fans something new continuously over the years by experimenting with new music and it turning out to be successful. Once someone has become a Radiohead fan can settle for nothing less than the unique experimental rock of the band. Fans cherish all of their previous experiences attending a live Radiohead concert and look forward to attend more. The huge fandom of Radiohead makes fans follow their live concerts and tours religiously and Radiohead tickets are like tickets to their ultimate entertainment for them.

Radiohead is an alternative rock band from England that was formed in 1985. Their first single “Creep” which was released in 1992 turned out to be an international hit a few months prior to the release of their first album Pablo Honey. The band gained much popularity in the United Kingdom when they released their second album. By the time Radiohead released its third album, the band had already become extremely famous all over the world. The band is known to give rocking performances on stage. Their audience is completely captivated by their innovative on-stage acts and musical performances. Avail the Radiohead tickets to have a tremendously awesome musical experience.

Band Members
Wes Miles
Mathieu Santos
Milo Bonacci
Alexandra Lawn
Rebecca Zeller
Cameron Wisch
Old Members
John Ryan Pike
Shaw Flick
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