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There are few bands who can claim to be consistently at the very top of the music industry over a period of 3 decades, particularly in the metal genre. Queensryche holds this distinction along with being one of the pioneers of progressive metal. Ever since their inception in 1981, Queensryche have been releasing album after album of revolutionary music while exhibiting creative brilliance, thereby cementing their place among the elites of the progressive metal genre. Their live performance still attracts the same fervent response from fans as it did in their early days. Queensrychetickets are your pass to becoming a part of their distinguished history.

In 1980, five young musicians from Bellevue, Washington came together to form a heavy metal band called The Mob. Geoff Tate was the lead vocalist, Michael Wilton and Chris DeGarmo the lead and rhythm guitarists, Eddie Jackson the bassist and Scott Rockenfield was the drummer. The Mob recorded four songs, the first of which was titled “Queen of the Reich”. Initially they could not achieved much success, however, after changing their name to Queensryche (inspired by the title of their first song) and dedicated persistence, the band eventually managed to sign a contract with EMI records. Their initial releases received a lukewarm response peaking only as high as 81 on the Billboard charts. Their next two albums titled ‘The Warning’ and ‘Rage for Order’ released in 1984 and 1986 respectively demonstrated marked improvement and a more polished sound. However, massive success and acclaim was achieved by Queensryche with the release of their 1988 album titled, ‘Operation: Mindcrime’.

Operation: Mindcrime was a concept album similar to the likes of Pink Floyd’s, “The Wall” and The Who’s, “Tommy”. The album consists of 15 interconnected songs all depicting the story of a man forced to become an assassin and torn between murder, love, drugs and a conscience to do the right thing. It scooped up several awards and received international acclaim on its way to becoming one of the best metal albums of all time. The album also established Queensryche as a progressive metal band and labeled them as one of the pioneers of this genre.

Queensryche was quickly becoming one of the major commercial bands touring with the likes of Guns N’ Roses and Metallica. They followed up Operation: Mindcrime with the release of ‘Empire’ in 1990. It proved to be their biggest hit to date, surpassing all three of their previous albums combined. It went as high as number 7 on the Billboard charts and made the band a favorite among the metal music lovers. The album also sparked off a series of memorable tours and elevated Queensryche to legendary status.

The nineties was an era in which grunge and progressive rock rose in popularity and pushed back metal music significantly. In these challenging years, Queensryche released ‘Promised Land’ and ‘Hear in the Now Frontier’ in 1994 and 1997 respectively. Although both albums did quite well in the charts, they could not match the heights attained by their predecessors. Apart from the moderate success of these albums, personal and financial problems plagued the band during these years. Many critics had written them off and with Chris DeGarmo leaving in 1998, it seemed inevitable that the band would ultimately not survive.

Queensryche bounced back however, and from 1998 to 2010 released four more albums titled ‘Tribe’, ‘Operation: Mindcrime II’, ‘Take Cover’ and ‘American Soldier’. Throughout this decade, the band ventured into doing as many tours as possible and gradually revived their status as one of the best progressive metal bands in the country.

Currently the band consists of four of the original founder members and guitarist Parker Lundgren, who joined in 2009 as a replacement for Chris DeGarmo. Even after 30 years since the band first came together, this outstanding group of musicians carry the same ambition, desire and enthusiasm as they did when they first entered the music industry. They show little signs of slowing down, their next album ‘Dedicated to Chaos’ is set for release in August 2011 and according to lead vocalist Geoff Tate, the band has already begun work on a sequel of Dedicated to Chaos. Fans all over the world still rush to get Queensrychetickets in order to see these legends of progressive metal live in concert.

The Queensryche is a heavy metal and progressive metal band from America. The formation of the band took place in 1981 in Washington. Queensryche has in total released eleven studio albums, numerous DVDs and EPs. The band has been extremely successful in the progressive metal rock view. It has sold more than 20 million albums all over the world which also include 6 million records in the United States alone. The band continues to record and tour. Queensryche are famous for having a large fan base in the progressive metal scene. They are scheduled to give live performances soon. Grab hold of the Queensryche tickets, to truly have a memorable musical experience.

Band Members
Geoff Tate
Michael Wilton
Mike Stone
Eddie Jackson
Scott Rockenfield
Old Members
Chris DeGarmo
Kelly Gray
All Time Hits
operation mindcrime
silent lucidity
eyes of a stranger

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