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Portland Timbers compete in the Top Soccer League of United States for the game of soccer. Founded in 2009, the team has just spent a couple of years playing professionally and is the 18th club of Major League Soccer. Headed by John Spencer, it has undergone rigorous training sessions for playing at a level at par with the experienced rivals. Its list of competitors is topped by the well known Seattle Sounders and Vancouver Whitecaps FC. A match with the talented teams is like a clash between the stars in the world of sports. It sparks results in the increased sale of Portland Timbers Tickets, hinting at the incredible tournament ahead.
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Pele , the greatest soccer player ever to touch a football, said that it was ‘a beautiful game’. Since his time, soccer as it is known in America, has gained a lot of popularity and today, it can be said to be the most watched game on earth.

There are four major sports in the United States; Basketball, Baseball, Football and Soccer. Soccer wasn’t very popular among the Americans till recently. The biggest platform for playing as well as watching soccer is the Major League Soccer (MLS) and this was founded in 1993, originally with just 10 teams playing. Today, there are 18 teams playing in the MLS and two of these teams play from Canada. In 2007 the league changed policies which enabled international stars to be brought into the league and as a result the league has some international following.

Portland Timbers is a professional soccer club from Portland, Oregon and play in the MLS. The Timbers are the eighteenth MLS club. The team colors are shades of green that represent the dense vegetation and forest in Oregon. The alternate color is red, which is chosen in respect of the name of the city being the ‘Rose City’. The jerseys are currently sponsored by Alaska Airlines . The team is owned by ‘Peregrine Sports’, which is led by Merritt Paulson . The first head coach for Portland Timbers was John Spencer . In 2010 the team signed in five new players which further strengthened the lineup. The team played their first ever MLS game in March, 2011. Kenny Cooper had the honor to score their first MLS goal.

Portland Timbers play at the Jeld-Wen Field which was recently renovated. The field will be shared with the Portland State Vikings in the future. Today, the stadiums capacity is around 2,3000. The renovation was funded alongside the construction of a ballpark.

The Timbers Army is a support group that is present at all Timbers’ games and make a lot of noise and are the ones responsible for creating an electrifying atmosphere inside the stadium. They enter the stadium and bring along smoke bombs, flags, drums, flags etc.

The Mascot of the team used to be a grizzled lumberjack called Timber Jim. In 2008, Timber Jim retired and was replaced by Timber Joey. Timber Joey was the official mascot of the club and during his first game on the sideline, the Timbers won against ‘Jevuntus Prime’. Many of the games that the Timbers play are broadcasted over international television and can be watched by a worldwide audience on Fox Soccer Channel, among others.

The Timbers have started another season of great soccer and although the games can easily be watched on television, the real essence is in watching them live in the stadium. The atmosphere and energy that is present there and the adrenaline rush while watching the game in the stadium is an experience itself. So get your Portland Timbers Tickets online right now and be there with your friends and family.

Portland Timbers is supported by ‘Timbers Army’. Its members are known for their enthusiastic support, loud and rasping atmosphere created during the tournaments. A great fan following with the drumming, smoke bombs, scarves and flags all add to the excitement of the game. The team’s championships are aired on the major sports channels including ESPN2 and Fox Soccer Channel. Recognized by the mascot of ‘grizzled lumberjack’, the team is all set for a thrilling soccer championship this season. So people get your Portland Timbers Tickets and see if the team is going to outplay the contenders with its high spirits, passion and perfection!

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