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Poison, the hair metal band was formed in 1983 in Pennsylvania, US. Hair metal band is a genre music that lies somewhere in between heavy metal and punk rock. Poison gained huge success between the mid 80’s and 90’s. Till today, Poison have sold about 30 million records internationally and 15 million in United States alone.

The band was originally created by Bret Michaels (lead vocalist) and Rikki Rockett (drummer) who had named it “Spectres in Mechanicsburg”. Later on they were joined by Matt Smith (guitarist) and Bobby Dall (bassist) and the band’s name reformed into “Paris”. When the band moved to Los Angeles on March 6, 1984, finally the name was changed to “Poison” and remains the same to date. Matt Smith left the band in earliest of its years, to be joined by C.C. DeVille . Poison signed with Enigma Records in 1986 and released their debut album “Look What the Cat Dragged In”. What caught the buyer’s eye was not the album itself, but the controversial cover featuring the feminized photos of each of the band member. The album’s music started gaining fame gradually as it built up. Soon the singles “I Won’t Forget You,” “I Want Action,” and “Talk to Me Dirty” became great hits, selling about two million copies within a year.

Poison’s second album “Open Up and Say… Ahh!” really hit success and raised the status of the band among the top Rock bands of the time. Although the genre of the band remained the same, i.e. “big guitars” and “party anthems” but it also infused a bit of variety such as the songs “Fallen Angel” and the all time hit “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”.

Band’s third album “Flesh & Blood” was released after another 2 years. It was another success, as it peaked at #2 and sold more than 7 million copies around the world. Band contributed 20,000 CD’s of their third album for the US Troops for lifting their morale. As Michaels explained, they wanted to show the world “the other side” of the band with their new album. It brought about some shocking changes, especially in the looks of the members. This multi-platinum record had three gold singles: “Ride the Wind”, “Unskinny Bop” and “Something to Believe In”. Ballad “Something to Believe In” was dedicated to the band’s security guard and friend who had died. The last single that was released was “Flesh & Blood (Sacrifice)”. MTV banned the video due to its explicit nature. After two years on the road, the uneasiness got caught of the band members due to their differences and drug addictions. Despite all the fame and success, Deville’s cocaine addiction brought a backstage fist fight between him and Michaels . Due to being high on drugs, Deville messed up the live performance too and was fired from the band. Richie Kotzen was hired in his place. Poison’s fifth album, named “Native Tongue” was influenced by the newly hired guitarist’s written songs and guitar style. The band focused more on the “serious stuff”.

Poison started working on their sixth album “Crack and Smile” in 1994; however Michaels’ car accident, in which he got seriously injured, brought a pause to it. The band continued the work in 1995. The album was officially released in 1996; it rose to reach the platinum status. In 1999, Michaels and DeVille finally put behind the past and extended hands for a reunion. The band’s reunion brought about various successful tours, with booked crowds. Soon they released their album “Power to The People”.

Poison is a unique band in its own entity. They are bold and do not hesitate in experimenting and bringing about great changes, which has resulted in the band’s great success throughout the changing times. Despite all the disputes and controversies that band has kept control on the things, none of it has prevented them from making a great success in every tour and every album.

In 2010, Michaels suffered severe health issues, he was told to have been suffering from a massive hemorrhage. On May 5, 2010 he was released from the hospital, known to be among the lucky people who will make a full recovery. Michaels was the winning contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice 3,” a NBC reality TV series.

Poison has announced their 2011 tour to celebrate their 25 th Anniversary. If you wish to catch the band live, get your Poison Tickets now!

Band Members
Bret Michaels
Bobby Dall
Rikki Rockett
C. C. DeVille
Old Members
Blues Saraceno
Richie Kotzen
Matt Smith
All Time Hits
talk dirty to me
every rose has it’s thorn
poison the well

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