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They came, they saw, they conquered that is the story of POD one of the most famous nu metal groups on the circuit. Since their inception about twenty years ago they have remained there and thereabouts at the pinnacle of charts which has put them on the list of the biggest groups of the genre. They have hit the road for their latest tour so this is your chance to catch them live by buying POD tickets.

It was the year 1991 when Wuv Bernardo and Marcos Curiel got together for some jam sessions. They took the name Eschatos and began to play small gigs singing tracks sung by the likes of Slayer and Metallica. Bernardo’s cousin Sonny Sandoval came onboard, closely followed by Gabe Portillo. Once the line-up was completed the switched the name of the band to POD and recorded a demo tape. Traa Daniels then joined the ranks to take over from Gabe who had left. The group were signed by Rescue Records and they went on to work on their debut album.

The album was named “Snuff the Punk” and it came out on 25th January, 1994. That was followed by “Brown” two years later which got a lot of acclaim from the critics. Cross Rhythms gave it nine out of ten and Jesus Freak Hideout rated it at four stars out of five. “Payable on Death Live” was their first live album and their third overall that hit the music stores on 18th February, 1997. Their talents caught the attention of Atlantic Records who proceeded to sign them up immediately. They celebrated the deal with an EP titled “The Warriors EP” which was released on 17th November, 1998.

1999 saw the release of “The Fundamental Elements of Southtown.” This was the recording that thrust them under the spotlight and took POD to the world of commercial success. The Fundamental Elements of Southtown became a huge hit that went on to sell well over a million copies. Rock the Party (Off the Hook) and Southtown were two tracks that went on to capture prominent positions on the charts.

Their next album was titled Satellite and it got released in 2001. It became an even bigger hit that went on to sell in excess of one hundred and thirty million copies in the fire week alone. It captured the sixth spot on its debut and stayed among the top ten for five consecutive weeks. Satellite sold over three million copies in the US. That number was increased by a further four million in sales over the globe. It didn’t do too badly on the critical front either. Allmusic, Entertainment. ie, Jesus Freak Hideout and Rolling Stone all gave it four stars out of five whereas Cross Rhythms gave it nine out of ten.

Their next recording was titled “Payable on Death” which came out in the year 2003. The album sold well over five hundred and twenty thousand copies which earned it gold certification. “The Warriors EP, Volume 2” followed Payable on Death which contained a few demo versions of the songs that were to headline POD’s next album “Testify.” The album hit the stores in 2005 and video for the track Goodbye for Now captured the top spot on MTV charts. Testify remained at the top of the sales charts for weeks and sold in excess of five hundred thousand copies around the globe.

Testify was followed by “When Angels & Serpents Dance” and “Murdered Love” in 2008 and 2012 to solidify their status among the biggest starts of their genre. POD has been a force to be reckoned with from the time they first came on to the scene. It two decades and counting and they still aren’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. They are now on tour one more time and you can watch them play live by buying POD tickets for a special concert.

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Q:I want to buy pod concert tickets, do I have to pay the service fee even if I pick the tickets from venue?

A:Yes, because the service fee is already included in the price of Pod Tickets.

Q:Would the prices of pod concert tickets decrease?

A:No, the Pod Tickets will remain at the same prices.