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Aesthetics and sense of beauty of a society can be judged at its best by the stage theatrical performances being presented before public. The result of a collective effort by the whole team, with contributions from directors, producers, actors and even the supporting staff is a performance that touched the hearts of the audience. An example of such relentless efforts and great team work is the musical cheap Pinkalicious tickets.

The musical named Pinkalicious is directed by Teresa K. Pond, who has based her direction over the famous book for children by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann, with the name of Pinkalicious. Elizabeth Kann and Victoria Kann have written the book as well as the lyrics for the musical, while the lyrics, music and orchestrations are given by John Gregor. Jad Bernardo is the man behind the musical direction, while Dax Valdes has been the choreographer for the show. The musical was performed for the first time by Vital Theater Company at their home theater that is situated in 76th Street. Soon afterwards, the show was brought to the Broadway, where it has been running successfully for over five years now. The musical gained popularity even during its initial six weeks run, and was later moved to Soho Playhouse where it was presented till the later part of 2007. In 2008, the musical was moved to New World Stages, where again it did a tremendous business before closing in September. A couple of months later, the musical was reopened at Bleecker Street Theater, situated at 45 Bleecker. At present, Pinkalicious is a resident production at Manhattan Movement & Arts Center, often abbreviated as MMAC.

The musical has a theme that beautifully narrates the story of a small imaginary girl, who is obsessed with the pink color. Her name is Pinkalicious and she likes pink in everything. Her mother makes pink cup cakes and she keeps eating them even when her parents warn her not to. As a result, she has a change in color and becomes all pink one day. This makes her happy initially, but as her doctor tells her she has a hypothetical disease called Pinkititus, she gets afraid. According to the doctor, the only way she can get back to normal is that she eats green food.

The musical beautifully brings in front of the audience how it gets difficult for Pinkalicious to control her desire for more cupcakes, and how her parents try to keep her away from things that are not good for her health. The story also highlights many important moral lessons for the children to learn, including honesty, kindness, respect, moderation and self control. As children generally do not like vegetables although they are very good for their health, this musical provides a chance for the parents to make their children understand how important the so called ‘green food’ is for them. By making the green food remedy for Pinkalicious, the author also tries to promote healthy eating habits among its viewers, and passes on an important lesson for everyone to learn.

Owing to the interesting story and wonderful efforts by the whole team, Pinkalicious earned great critical and commercial acclaim throughout the nation. Many of the contributors won awards and nominations for their work in the production, and the musical won the 2011 Buckaroo Book Award as well. John Gregor has also been given the Frederick Loewe Award for another one of his musicals. Similarly, Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann have also won several awards for their works previously.

With so many award winning team members working on the show, Pinkalicious tickets bring you an ultimate excitement and a chance to witness some of the best pieces of artwork being produced in the modern world.

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