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Phil Lesh
Phillip Chapman Lesh (born March 15, 1940 in Berkeley, California) is a musician and founding member of the rock band, Grateful Dead; he played bass guitar in that group throughout their entire 30-year career.
Lesh started out as a trumpet player with a keen interest in avant-garde classical music and free jazz; he also studied under the Italian modernist Luciano Berio at Mills College (classmates included minimalist composer Steve Reich, and future Dead keyboardist Tom Constanten). While still a college student he met then-bluegrass banjo player Jerry Garcia.

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Born on the fifteenth of March in the year 1940; Phillip Chapman Lesh, more popularly known as Phil Lesh is a popular American musician. Phil apart from his solo career also founded the rock band, Grateful Dead in the year 1965 and remained their permanent bassist throughout the band’s popular career of thirty years. Grateful Dead disbanded in the year 1995; however, Lesh tried to carry on the legacy of the group by performing famous hits and covers by it till the year 2008. This project was known “Phil Lesh and Friends” which was successfully carried on for a decade. After the end of this project, the artist then joint hands with a former Grateful Dead band member Bob Weir and the duo’s band named “Furthur” that was established by Lesh and Weir in the year 2009, started a new project named “Terrapin Crossroads”.  Get to see Phil Lesh perform his artistic performances at his upcoming show by acquiring Phil Lesh tickets as soon as possible.
Born in the city of Berkeley situated in the state of California, Phil Lesh has written, composed and sung music that falls in the genre of psychedelic rock, country and folk rock. Lesh entered the field of entertainment and music in the year 1948, though his interest for music developed while he was in college. Initially he learnt how to play the violin, but leaned towards playing the trumpet in his later college years. Lesh has studied under various famous musicians such as Bob Hansen and Luciano Berio who developed his interest in jazz and avant-garde music.
While still in college he met Jerry Garcia, who was a banjo player, and formed a strong friendship. Even though their musical interests were quite the opposite in nature, Jerry Garcia nevertheless invited Lesh to become the bass player for his newly formed band which was called the “Warlocks”. Lesh accepted the invitation and started working on their first single which was named “I know you rider”. Since Lesh was more of a violin and trumpet player, he didn’t know much about playing the bass guitar and learnt while he was a member of the band. Due to his interest in the instruments he knew how to play, his influences came from Johann Sebastian Bach rather than him being influenced by rock or soul music.
When it comes to music, he focused primarily on experimenting with the electric bass guitar that came forward in the 1960s. Artists who also experimented with the electric bass guitar, included people like Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, James Jamerson, Jack Casady and Jack Bruce. Initially playing the bass was all about staying in tune with the beats in a conventional manner; however, Lesh always incorporated his own innovative excursions while he was performing or trying out a new tune. Get to see this legendary artist perform his innovative excursions at the next concert by procuring Phil Lesh tickets.
It has been said that though Lesh wasn’t a professional composer or songwriter, a few of the songs he did compose when playing in the band, Grateful Dead are said to be the band’s most successful hits. These songs include “New potato caboose”, “Unbroken chain”, “Pride of Cucamonga” and “Box of rain”. His initial studies in avant-garde music can be clearly seen in the compositions of Grateful Dead. Over the years even after the dismantling of the band Grateful Dead, Phil Lesh has carried on working on musical projects along with his wife, Jill. Performing with artists like Bob Dylan, Lesh has been on nationwide tours after the year 2008. Together the happily married couple, created a charity foundation named “Unbroken Chain Foundation” after he suffered from Hepatitis C and has to undergo a liver transplant in the year 1998. Then in the year 2006, Lesh suffered from prostate cancer and underwent surgical operation to get the cancerous growth removed. The singer released a book before opting for the operation that was named “Searching for Sound: My Life with the Grateful Dead”, perhaps the only book published by a member of the band. Recently Lesh has been involved in musical performances that will take place at the Terrapin Crossroads; a musical venue created by the artist where he will perform with his group called “Phil Lesh and Friends”. Check out these performances by purchasing Phil Lesh tickets today.

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