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The Perpetual Groove, better known as P-Groove is a jam band from the United States of America. The band was created in 1997 in Savannah, Georgia and is active to date. The band comprises of Brock Butler who is on the guitar and is a lead vocalist, Joe Stickney who plays the drums, Adam Perry who is the base guitarist and Brett Hinton who plays the keyboard. During their freshmen year at the Savannah College of Art and Design, these four members of the band met one another. It was from there onwards that their friendship managed to create one of the most popular bands in the music industry today.

The main musical genres of Perpetual Groove are rock, jam band, southern rock, synth loops and indie rock. The main recording label that the band has been associated with is Tree Leaf Records. The band has a massive fan following which seems to be growing by each album release and their live on stage performances.

Over a period of time, the band has almost consistently toured, they have performed all over the United States and also performed at musical gigs in Amsterdam, Japan and aboard the Xingolati and Jam Cruise ships which are basically musical festival cruise ships in the Pacific Oceans and the Atlantic. Initially the Perpetual Groove began performing on small venues in and all around Georgia. The band had deep roots in locations such as Jake’s Roadhouse in Atlanta and J.J. Cagney’s in Savannah. The band then headed off to the west for their first tour across the entire country. Ever since that tour, the band seems to consistently give live performances, this act of theirs has gained them an immense fan base and a lot of respect amongst many other musicians.

The year 2010 has been a commendably successful “record” year for Perpetual Groove. The band has managed to release two brand new studio albums, “Heal”, which is a full length record album and “Honey Cuts”, which is an EP and a swing of their awesome sell out performances. Of late, the band has been revived by the addition of a new keyboardist, namely, John Hruby. With this new addition in the line-up of the band, they have once again reinvented their original music. It has been noted that with this new change of line-up and a modification in scenery the band has given way to a stunning and absolutely enduring set of recordings. All of this shows the revival of a band that has etched out its own distinctive music by performing more than 1000 live on stage performances in such a short career span.

The Perpetual Groove is continuing touring relentlessly all over the United States of America and has become a key force behind the US festival scene. They are giving out performances at All Good Musical Festival, Wakarusa, Jam Cruise, Gathering of the Vibes, Bonnaroo, and High Sierra and also their very own yearly gathering in Amberland. They have successfully made appearances at International events such as the Caribbean Holidaze and Jam in the Dam. In addition to all of this, the band has fervently continued to give a push to the envelope in the music industry. They are touring by following the first ever 5.1 surround system and also are scheduled to be releasing and producing the first album which will be entirely offset by renewable energy credits.

With an immense fan base, extreme amount of touring and unbelievably awesome music that this band has been producing over the years, it is a dream of any music lover to witness the Perpetual Groove setting the stage on fire. Having the opportunity of watching this band give out amazing, electrifying and purely thrilling live on stage performance with their great music is surely going to be a delight. The band has proved to be one of the greatest rock bands in such a short period of time. They have worked extremely hard and have been successful with their albums, live performances and tours. The band continuously keeps on trying to improvise their music, so that their fans can get fresh and awesome beats from them every time that they release an album.

This is a perfect and a wonderful opportunity for you and all of the bands’ avid and enthusiastic fans to get hold of the Perpetual Groove tickets. Without any doubt, you will be in for a musical experience that you will remember for a life time.

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