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Born on the thirtieth of December in the year 1946; Patricia Lee Smith, more popularly known as Patti Smith is an influential visual artist, singer and a poet born on the American soil. She was able to gain massive popularity by her debut album named ‘Horses’, released at the time of the movement of punk rock that was established in the year 1974. Punk rock is a contemporary rock genre that came about in the 70s, originating from the United States. Such music gained immediate entrance and fame into the mainstream music industry, creating artists like Smith. Smith has been honored with the title of being “Punk’s Godmother”.
Being involved in writing poetry as well, she is most famous for incorporating her poetry into the genre of rock, creating hits such as “Because the Night” that was able to reach the number thirteen spot on Top 100 Billboard charts in the year 1978. Smith was able to co-write this number with the famous Bruce Springsteen that led to this song becoming Smith’s most famous compositions in her entire career. In the year 2005, due to her phenomenal contributions to visual arts the Ministry of Culture in France gave her the title of Commander in the “Ordre des Arts et des Lettres” which was created in the year 1957 to recognize works that provide massive contributions to the field of literature and arts. Lastly she was also given the honor of being inducted in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” in the year 2007, becoming a pioneer in the genre of punk rock music. Get to see Patti Smith perform live on stage at her next concert by purchasing Patti Smith tickets immediately.
Born in the beautiful state of Illinois, Patti Smith was brought up in the city of Chicago. Her folks were working parents and having spent her childhood in Georgetown she received intense religious education till she was a teenager, however she relieved herself from such education, saying that it was very suffocating. Before entering her teens, Smith also developed a great interest in the religion of Buddhism, however as she grew up she came to know about these religious dogmas and the fact that they were mostly law made by man. Having graduated in the year 1964, Smith chose to follow her parent’s footsteps and started working. Smith moved to New York City in the year 1967 where she met the first love of her life, Mapplethorpe. He was a photographer whose pictures were used by Smith for her LP albums even after Mapplethorpe’s death in the year 1989. After his death she entered the field of performing arts and spent most of her 70s, writing, performing and painting.
Smith entered the music entertainment field in the year 1974, where she starting performing rock music with her band which was called the ‘Patti Smith Band’. The band consisted of four members, Ivan Karl, Lenny Kaye, Richard Sohl and Jay Dee Daughetry. The first single by the group was released in 1974 which was named “Hey Joe/Piss Factory”. Smith declared that most of her music was influenced by the work of Arthur Rimbaud; a famous French poet of the 19th century. The first contract that was signed by the group was with Arista Records in the year 1975 through which the debut album called “Horses” was released. The band has released a total of eleven studio albums and if you wish to listen to your favorite hits from these albums, you should purchase your Patti Smith tickets instantly.
In the year 1977, Patti Smith while performing on a tour along with Radio Ethiopia, fell off from a high stage and landed fifteen feet below on a concrete floor, breaking several vertebrates in the neck. The singer was forced to take some time off during which she underwent physiotherapy. During this time she worked on two more albums which were released in the year 1978 and 1978; named ‘Easter’ and ‘Wave’ respectively. Easter was a worldwide hit containing the single “Because the Night” while Wave wasn’t as successful as the first two albums. More recently, Smith has been known to write the beautiful memoir called “Just Kids” which was able to win the National Book Award. Smith has also won the Polar Music Prize in the year 2011. So get your Patti Smith tickets today and witness the iconic artist perform live.

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