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The Ohio State Buckeyes is a sports team from the Ohio State University that is a part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s top ranked Division. They also play in the Big Ten Conference for all the sports as this collegiate team supports both men’s sports teams and women’s sports teams. The men’s teams play in the Central Collegiate Association while the women’s teams play in the Western Collegiate Association.
The Buckeyes have had a successful sports career, making and breaking several records over the years. Firstly they became the fourth team to win National Collegiate Athletic Association Championships in basketball, football and baseball. They have also been able to win national championship titles in other sports’ categories they play in such as golf, volleyball, diving and swimming, gymnastics, outdoor field and track, synchronized swimming and co-ed fencing. The university sports association has also made a record of always landing in the top twenty five positions in the Athletic Director’s Cup, ever since the tournament came into existence. In the 2005-2006 seasons, the Ohio State Buckeyes made a record of being the first sports team to win the Big Ten Conference Championships in women’s and men’s basketball and football. If you are a fan and want to see the team participate in the numerous sports’ categories they compete in, you can do so by purchasing Ohio State Buckeyes tickets today.
The Ohio State University’s sports facilities are all located in the city of Columbus. With a total of nineteen men varsity teams and twenty women varsity teams, Buckeyes’ current director is Gene Smith. The Buckeyes teams’ compete in sports such as football, basketball, golf, baseball, synchronized swimming, gymnastics, ice hockey, tennis, soccer, track and field and rugby. Their current mascot is called the Brutus Buckeye, which has been in place since 1965. The mascot wears a Buckeye Ohio nut costume and makes appearance in all the sporting events played. Over the years, Ohio State University’s sports department has been able to produce quite a few renowned sportsmen such as Katie Smith, Jerry Lucas and John Havlicek who are strong basketball players. Jesse Owens; a popular player of track and field and Frank Howard; a successful baseball player are also inducted in the university’s sports hall of fame.  
Ohio State University’s rugby team is among the most prominent of all its sports, which plays in the 1-A Division of the Big Ten Universities Conference. Amongst the team’s biggest and most fierce rivals is the Michigan Rugby team. In the years 2010 and 2011, the rugby team competed in the Collegiate Rugby Championship, finishing in the seventh and fourteenth place respectively. One of the most famous rugby players on the team is Nate Edner, who led the team into the tournament’s latter matches.
The Buckeyes’ team’s colors are grey and scarlet which are also seen on the costume worn by the mascot. Almost all of the home games played by the team are held at the Ohio Stadium, the Bill Davis Stadium or the Jerome Schottenstein Center. You can become a part of their upcoming game by acquiring Ohio State Buckeyes tickets immediately.

The Ohio State Buckeyes is a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I collegiate football team. It plays in the Football Bowl Subdivision of the NCAA and also represents the Ohio State University in the Big Ten Conference (Leader’s Division). The team ranks second in the Big Ten programs according to the number of conference wins. They have an all time conference record of 460-195-28. The Buckeyes have collected over hundred wins from hundred regular football seasons. In the NCAA the team stand at the sixth position on the basis of its total number of wins.
Brutus Buckeye is the team’s mascot supporting the Buckeyes in their official colors scarlet and grey. The team is headed by coach Urban Myer while Gene Smith is the director. Since 1922, the Buckeyes have played their home games at Colombo city’s Ohio Stadium.
The team played their first season way back in 1890 as an independent team. From the very start the Ohio State Buckeyes were very lucky in getting great coaches. Two big names of college football in Ohio, Alexander S. Lilley and George Cole were the first to introduce the sport and inspired students to play the sports professionally. Lilley took the responsibility of the head and took the newly created team from the ground up. In 1902 the team joined the Ohio Athletic Conference before joining the Big Ten in 1913. Big Ten was where the team saw itself rising; it won thirteen conference championships and four of eight Rose Bowl Championships.
After Lilley, Paul Brown was one head coach that helped the team win its first national championship in 1942. After that for almost four decades the team remained rather consistent in performance. It was not until John Cooper joined the Buckeyes in 1988 that the team started to shape up for a rise. His sixteen years with the team led to win seven national championships, thirty six conference championships and nine seasons.
Jim Tressel came as the next best coach to the Buckeyes in 2001; giving Ohio wins at the national championship as well as the Fiesta Bowl. Tressel was also a dynamic coach, under him the team greatly improved its profile. The two major achievements were seven Big Ten championships and five Bowl Championship Series game wins. By 2009, the Buckeyes had become one of the strongest contenders in the NCAA. ESPN tagged them as the "third most prestigious college football history" following University of Southern California and Oklahoma.
In 2011 season, the team had an overall record of 837-316-53, with over forty bowl game appearances. Jim Tressel was the third best winning coach of the team who brought seven Big Ten titles under the Buckeye’s name. However, he left Ohio State in 2011 following a suspension. Next in line was head coach Luke Fickell, who joined on interim basis for the 2011-2012 season. The team still stands tall and strong as ever. They are ready to take on this season with full force. Join them by purchasing Ohio State Buckeyes tickets.

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