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The illustrious history of New York Mets makes it a leading baseball team of the sports world today. The skyscraping sales of New York Mets tickets have formed incredible records for twenty eight years consecutively. The jam packed stadiums echo with the team's theme song "Meet the Mets". The official mascot of the team is known as Mr. Met. The New York Mets rivalry against Philadelphia Phillies is exceedingly popular in the National League. Their intensive rivalry has provided the baseball fans with the best of matches in the past few years. New York Mets play vigorously in all their matches and have established themselves as respectable team that is looked upon by baseball fans of all ages.For Event Schedule and available tickets for New York Mets please click Buy

If you are a New York Mets fan then this is the place you ought to be. Watch your favorite team play yet another incredible game. So get a hold of your New York Mets tickets and watch them be the winners of yet another baseball game. Member of East Division of Major League Baseball's National League, New York Mets are based in the borough of Queens in New York City . The Mets are more likely known as the "Amazins" or “The Metropolitans” by both fans and the media.

This time the Mets are fully prepared and ready to show it all to their fans the efforts they have put in to win this game. With players like Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry who are the Hall of Famers, the New York Mets are in the running as ever, to give you a ground breaking performance on their home ground Citi Field (since 2009) which is located in Flushing, New York.There are many fans out there of the Mets who have been waiting anxiously for their team to give a smashing comeback that would bring their rivals on their knees and the crowd cheering only the Mets song. So all you folks out there who have yet to watch this American professional baseball team play, grab your New York Mets tickets right away and make your way to watch the best team of the season. This year, the Mets are all focused and ready to get their head back in the game and grab the title of yet another World Series.

The New York Mets are basically a Major League Baseball franchise based in New York City and is owned by Sterling Mets, L.P. and Fred Wilpon as chairman. The current manager is Terry Collins who has been leading the Mets towards their success and helping them realize the full potential of their game plan. New York Mets have had a steady career; winning the title of World Series twice in 1969 and 1986. They have also won four NL Pennants. The team is also the winner of five East Division titles over a period of time and two wild card berths in 1999 and 2000. But they have also won one National League Championship Trophy in 1973.

“Meet the Mets" is the Mets' famous theme song, written in 1961, a year before the first season. It is played at the gate, during broadcasts and at Citi Field by the Mets’ fans and supporters in the stands. The Mets have their very own mascot known as Mr. Mets who was first introduced while they were still playing at Polo grounds in Northern Manhattan in 1963. He was the first mascot in the history of Major League Baseball to be a human mascot as opposed to wearing a costume! And first to being represented as the bobblehead doll on the Mets team. The Mets’ uniform colors are blue, orange, black and white in which blue and orange are the colors of New York City ; blue and orange are also the main colors of National League Baseball.

New York Mets' history has been filled with the most promising players and managers who have given the team a respected place in the MLB and earned them many fans. Legends like Tom Seaver, Mookie Wilson, Tug Mcgraw, Ed Kranepool, and Dwight Gooden; and Joe Torre and Yogi Berra who were the only two managers who also played for the team have contributed a lot in making the club work. Players like David Wright, Justin Turner, Francisco Rodriguez, and Ronny Poulino are among the current rosters of the Mets who will be giving us a world-class performance that would be making you not want to miss their games.

If you are a true baseball fan then you should definitely be out there at their home and away games after getting your New York Mets Tickets because their game is totally something you should go and watch. Not only will the Mets exceed your expectations but they will give you a thrilling experience of watching biggest baseball stars playing for them. So get your New York Mets Tickets because you really don’t want to miss this chance.

Those of you who have been looking forward to the thrilling match by their favorite team, New York Mets, must get hold of New York Mets tickets as soon as possible. The rising popularity of their upcoming match has received intense media hype. Their dramatic victories against leading teams have received significant appreciation in the past and have lead to their strong fan base formation. Initially, the Mets, played their home games in Shea Park and recently they have moved to the astounding Citi Field. Regardless of their performances, their fans have remained highly loyal and supportive towards them all along. The renowned team captains like Gary Carter and John Franco have added to the esteem of the team through their valuable sports skills.


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