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Ice hockey is one of the four major sports that are played and watched in United States. Hockey enjoys widespread fan following all across the nation, the events gather a large number of hockey lovers to the arenas every year. When it comes to best of the ice hockey action in United States and Canada, no one does it better than the National Hockey League. National Hockey League boasts having the finest and most talented players in the league.

National Hockey League came into existence back in 1917, and since then the number of followers and the teams, has been growing. The league originally started off with only four franchises, and currently it is comprised of thirty teams. Among those thirty franchises are the Nashville Predators who have been playing in Western Conference’s Central Division, since their inception in 1997. Based in Nashville Tennessee, Nashville Predators play their home games at the Bridgestone Arena.

Hockey has been in the city of Nashville even before the creation of Predators. The history of hockey in Nashville goes all the way back to 1962 when a hockey franchise by the name of Dixie Flyers was played from the city as a member of Eastern Hockey League. During their years of play, Dixie Flyers their home games at the Municipal Arena before the team was disbanded later in 1971. Almost a decade later, another attempt was made to revive the hockey spirit in the city by moving Nashville South Stars to the city as another minor league team. The team started its play in 1981, and folded soon after two seasons.

The year 1989 saw the arrival of yet another minor league franchise to the town, and this time it was ECHL’s Nashville Knights. Knights brought some hope for the hockey fans in the city as they set the scoring record for the league later in 1994. But later in 1996, the town was once again deprived of its own hockey team when Knights relocated to Florida that year. Another minor league team by the name of Ice Flyers played for a brief amount of time before the inception of Nashville Predators.

Before the creation of Predators, it was rumored that New Jersey Devils will be relocating to Nashville, as the city was offering a healthy incentive to whichever team relocated to Nashville. Amidst all that, the commissioner at the National Hockey League started considering Nashville as a probable contender for the league’s upcoming expansion. And soon after, Nashville was awarded with a conditional franchise along with Minneapolis, Atlanta and Columbus, Ohio. The Nashville franchise was given a task to sell more than 12,000 Nashville Predators tickets in order to start their play in the 1998 season. And before the 1998 season could commence, all of the tickets were sold, and so Nashville Predators started their inaugural season in 1998.

Although Predators have yet to claim any major title, but still they enjoy massive fan following within the region. And as soon as the regular season draws nearer, the demand for Nashville Predators Tickets shoot up. So it’s recommended that you grab yours beforehand.

The city of Nashville, Tennessee, is known for two things; country music and its professional ice hockey team! And while there are countless country music stars, there is only one hockey team, the Nashville Predators. The team of great hockey players like Shea Weber, Ryan Suter, Mike Fisher, Pekka Rinne and others, the Predators are looking more menacing than ever this season. You do not want to miss out on their present season as the team holds great prospects of winning. To enjoy their next best home game, you need to be inside Bridgestone Arena, one of the best indoor, state of the art ice hockey venues in the country, by buying the Nashville Predators tickets today!

Wearing the white, navy, and gold colors, the Nashville Predators are head-coached by Barry Trotz, with David Poile as their general manager. The team is owned by the Predators Holdings LLC. The Predators were founded in 1998, so while it is not the oldest team in the National Hockey League (NHL), it is certainly one of its most promising. The team plays in the Central Division of the NHL’s Western Conference. As mentioned earlier, the Predators call the Bridgestone Arena as their home. A multi-purpose arena, situated in downtown Nashville, it was opened to the general public two years before the Predators were formed. Ever since, the arena has been hosting one exciting ice hockey game after another!
While the Nashville Predators were formed in 1998, the history of ice hockey in Nashville is long. Ice hockey is being played in the city long before the Predators were formed, however, most of the teams which came to represent the city in this competitive sport, were mostly minor league teams. Whether minor or major league, pre-1998 era was not conducive to the development of professional ice hockey in the heart of America’s South! The Predators, however, changed precedence and re-wrote history. Ever since their formation, they have not only played professional ice hockey the way it deserves playing, but have also become a permanent feature of Nashville.
Of course, no commentary on the team is complete if one does not mention the peculiar fan traditions associated with the Nashville Predators fans! Ever since 2003, a fan always throws a catfish onto the ice whenever the team scores. This is in line with the Detroit Red Wings fans tradition, wherein an octopus is thrown onto the ice whenever the team scores. “Section 303” is another interesting fan-based tradition; also known as the “Cellblock”, it is an exclusive section in the Bridgestone Arena which is populated by the loudest fans of the Predators. And if the adults are interested in these diversions, the kids are always interested in the unique stunts of Gnash, the Predators’ mascot. All in all, watching a Predators game is a win-win situation for all. So buy your Nashville Predators tickets today!

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