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The game of Ice Hockey was a creation of Canada, which has eventually turned into a popular sporting term now. The history of the game spans from the Dominion Challenge Trophy in 1982, to modern times with players like Gretzky and Lemieux. The Montreal Canadiens is an expert ice hockey group founded in Montreal, Canada. The club is the constituent of the National Hockey League (NHL). The association is formally renowned as “le Club de hockey Canadien”.

Established in 1909, the team from Montreal has a record of being the only relentlessly functioning expert ice hockey foundation and also the only living NHL association to prelude the origin of the NHL. Following the exodus of “Quebec Nordiques”, a competitor in 1995, and the repositioning to Washington of the “Montreal Expos” in 2004, the Canadiens remained to be the only group of the 4 foremost sports associations of Canada and the US which were rooted in Quebec. Montreal Canadiens faced its biggest challenge in the years 1992 up to 1993 when a Stanley Cup was handed over to a Canadian team.

They have 24 championships victories to their name, of which twenty two have been attained since 1927 to date, when only the NHL teams were allowed to take part in the race for the Stanley Cup. The year 2010 only includes victories around 25% of the whole figure of “Stanley Cup championships” challenged after the “Challenge Cup” period, indulging it to be a highly thriving ice hockey team in Canada and the United States. Since 1996, Montreal Canadiens have performed magnificently at the Bell Centre up to 2003. Also included on the note of popularity are their matches with other teams held in various places such as “Jubilee Rink, Montreal Westmount Arena” and many more.

Montreal Canadiens helps us understand the realm of ice hockey and what it actually means to the Canadians. Perhaps being citizens of Canada, Montreal Canadiens tend to take for granted the significance of hockey in their culture. A thorough research on the sport is much needed to realize and bring to the limelight the efforts that members of the team have devoted over a number of years. This will clarify the phenomenological evolution in the game and why it is ingrained within the culture of Canada. Montreal Canadiens competently merge the culture biases and its economical importance of playing hockey and also at the same time one develops an interest to learn the reason for the love of the game vested in Montreal Canadiens.

For Montreal Canadiens fans, a night to watch the team play at its best is like a festivity. No matter what, the players are convicted about their win and tend not to lose focus on their efforts and give in their best in every game. The team is very strong and so is the number of fans who support them. Any hockey lover would love to grab Montreal Canadiens tickets for their upcoming games in December. If you are an Ice Hockey fan, then rush to get your ticket.

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