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The main reason that sports is such a big draw in the US is that the structure in which the many sports are played is very strong and a very firm foundation is laid for each sport. Any player who wishes to be successful at a certain sport is given full support from high school to college as they have the chance to participate in nationwide tournaments. So much importance is given to sports in the US that students are awarded scholarships for university just on the basis of how good they are at sports. Considering the level of training a player receives before they even make it to the professional level, it is no surprise that so many great players emerge on the world of sports every year.
In addition to these multiple levels of sports being good for athletes, they are also a treat for spectators. Spectators have so many options in what they can watch as they are not just stuck with the limited number of teams in the professional leagues, they can watch sports played by teams at the college level too. Varsity sports are the level just before professional level and feature teams that represent their universities and educational institutions. The National Collegiate Athletic Association is responsible for the governance of all the sports played at college level. One of the most prolific varsity teams in the NCAA is the Michigan State Spartans.
The Michigan State Spartans represent the Michigan State University in a total of 25 sports. 25 different teams play for their university under the Michigan State Spartans and represent them in a large number of sports all over the US. There are 12 men’s teams that represent the university in 12 sports while the number of women’s teams that play under the Michigan State Spartans name is 13. All the teams that play for the university participate in the Big Ten Conference except the ice hockey team which is a member of the Central Collegiate Hockey Association.
The Michigan State Spartans football team has been one of the most successful teams in the NCAA Big Ten Conference with six national championships and a total of nine Big Ten championships. The team plays at the 75,000 capacity Spartans Stadium which is filled to capacity on match days. The Michigan State Spartans basketball team is where the legendary Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson began his playing career and the team has been a very successful team in the NCAA basketball competitions. Other successful Michigan State Spartans teams are the golf and tennis teams while the soccer team also enjoys a fair amount of success.
If you are a fan of the Michigan State Spartans then make sure you get your green and white uniforms and make your way over to support your team. All you need to do is grab a few friends and get your Michigan State Spartans tickets to make sure you don’t miss out on all the exciting action that is about to unfold this season.

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