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If you are diehard football fan, then you must grab Miami Dolphins Football Tickets promptly. Over the years, Miami Dolphins have become one of the most refined football teams that never fail to meet the expectations of its fans. In early seventies, the team observed the best record of its career. The current roster consists of remarkable players like Matt Moore and Dan Marino, who can thrill the spectators with their superb sports skills. The fierce matches by this team are worth watching and applauding for. Miami Dolphins currently play their home games at the Sun Life Stadium.

The Miami based American Football team Miami Dolphins has performed exceptionally well ever since it emerged as a part of the American Football Conference, playing in the Eastern Division. This National Football League's team has won the Super Bowl Championship twice for two consecutive years during the very first decade after its inception. In the early days, this well integrated team proved itself by setting a tradition of winning the trophies one after another. Miami Dolphins tickets are not only demanded by the fans, but also the football freaks who look forward to watch a quality football game.For Event Schedule and available tickets for Miami Dolphins please click Buy

Miami Dolphins The Miami Dolphins entered the American Football League as an expansion team in 1966 and since then been playing in the East Division. In its 44-year playing career the franchise has made history on numerous occasions. Beginning their journey with some mediocre games, the Dolphins hired Don Shula as their head coach in 1970. Shula didn’t believe in miracles and told the franchise from day one that if they wished to succeed then hard work was the only way. The players trained under an intense program and the efforts finally paid off in 1971 when they won their first AFC title. The 1972 Miami Dolphins team has gone down in books for completing a perfect 17-0 season in the history of NFL. The franchise defied all odds by winning and their star quarterback Bob Griese led the team to one victory after the other. Griese has the honor of being inducted in the pro football, college football as well as the Indiana football hall of fame. The 1980s saw a fiercer Dolphins side and since most of its players had their last names starting with B, they got known as the, “Killer B’s”. They were solid on defense and gave the opposition teams a tough time. They took revenge for all their past losses and appeared as winners in most of the games they played. In 1983 the Miami Dolphins picked their best quarterback ever, Dan Marino. In his first professional season with the team, Marino had twenty touchdowns which later made him the NFL Rookie of the Year. In his stellar career the athlete made several records and got known as the most prolific quarterbacks in the leagues history.

Over the years the franchise has produced many great athletes, nine of whom have been inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Dolphins have also retired the numbers of three of its astounding players which include Bob Griese’s 12, Dan Marino’s 13 and Larry Csonka’s 39. Miami Dolphins plays its home games at the multipurpose Sun Life Stadium. With a capacity of over 75,000, the arena is equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities. The team has played many successful games and appeared victorious when it hosted its first Monday Night Football against the New York Jets. The stadium was built in 1987 and serves as a senior facility in the NFL. The management has refurbished the venue several times to keep it up to the latest standards as well as to provide an ideal experience to the audiences. Miami Dolphins are known fighters and they don’t give up till the very last second. They have changed the face of the game on many occasions with their extraordinary display of talent. The team had a great 2010 season where they finished at number 4 in the NFL rankings. The Dolphins are looking forward to the upcoming season and even recruited some new players. To catch your favorite team in action, get your Miami Dolphins Tickets now! Be prepared for some nail-biting games.

Miami Dolphins are surfacing back on the scene for an exciting season of nerve wrecking, teeth grinding football. With potential star quarterback Chad Henne, all seems to be pretty much in shape this season. Taking over the reins in 2009, Chad really seems to be working hard to bring out the best in the team. The team also has Brandon Marsha, wide receiver to give Henne a helping hand and make the most of their time in the football court. All those who love football should definitely get their hands on the Miami Dolphins Tickets as they are all set to rule again.The Miami Dolphins is an American professional football team, which has been bedazzled its fans since its inception in 1966. Located in Miami Metropolitan area in Florida, they are a favorite team of the locals and many other football followers based in USA. They play for the East Division. The team is headquartered at the Miami Dolphins Training Facility in Davie, Florida and you can catch it playing home games at the Sun Life Stadium. For all the excitement at the Sun Life Stadium, all you need to do is grab your deal of Miami Dolphins Tickets and reserve your seat at the stadium so go for it! Hurry up and order now as the Miami Dolphins tickets are extremely sought after, just click for your deal before they all get sold out!

Founded by Joe Robbie, the Dolphins began play in the American Football League as an expansion team. Later on in 1970, the team joined the NFL, as part of the AFL-NFL merger. The team happens to be the oldest franchise in terms of professional sport in Florida. Commonly Known as “The Fins” or “The Phins,” they have conquered the hearts of many by their countless victories and had touched amazing heights of popularity in 1972 and 1973. During both these years, they had consecutively won the Super Bowl Championships. They have remained the proud winners of a grand total of thirteen Division Championships and five Conference Championships.
The team has inductees in the Hall of Fame as well. They include Quarterback Bob Griese and running back Larry Csonka. The fight song for “The Phins” is played once during every game that too right at the end of the third quarter. It is written and composed by Lee Ofman. Beginning form 19966 to 1977, the Dolls worked as the cheerleaders. The squad of 125 girls with ages ranging from 8 to 18 was a hit among fans back then, now the cheerleaders are simply as the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders. Wearing team colors Aqua Coral Navy and white the Fins sure know how to make it happen big. In order to witness T.D their mascot along with some superb game strategies and moves grab your deal of the Miami Dolphins tickets right away!

Miami Dolphins and New York Jets rivalry is one of the most popular NFL rivalries. The Fins, under the coaching of Tony Sparano, is doing a great job even today. The team has won more than a dozen Division Championships and the Conference Championship trophies five times. Sun Life Stadium hosts the home games played by this talented team. No other team of such caliber can emerge in Florida for another few decades! Dolphins have set high standards for the competitors. The Miami Dolphins tickets are available for the upcoming competitions, don't wait and grab yours now!The very famous American football team, Miami Dolphins is coming up with another exciting game real soon in your city! Everybody knows about their remarkable achievements so the fans should still keep their expectations high. This one's going to be big and awesome and is going to set records for sure. The Dolphins are all set to give their best and leave behind no disappointments. They have been winning league championships for a very long time now. Hopefully, the upcoming game will also produce good results. Don't hesitate, and feel free to buy your Miami Dolphins Tickets now!

One of the most popular NFL teams, Miami Dolphins has had a great winning record and the team is lucky to play under the guidance of very experienced coaches. All through the past years the team has shown consistent performance and some of its former players have become Hall of Famers. Be it the Miami Dolphins Season Tickets or championship game tickets, the demand has never seen a decrease. Fans from all over the country look for these tickets and we have got the best ones for you on our website!

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