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Mary Poppins is a musical produced by Walt Disney Theatricals, based on a children series of the same name written by P.L Travers. The book also inspired a Disney movie in 1964. The musical first opened at West End’s Bristol Hippodrome in September of 2004. The show ran for a short period of time and was later in December moved to the Prince Edward Theatre. After the success of London production, it premiered at Broadway in November of 2006 at New Amsterdam Theater. If you wish to attend it with family and friends get Broadway Mary Poppins tickets today.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of musicals or not, we guarantee you’ll have a great time watching one of the most memorable performances in musical theater; Mary Poppins. The classic is still as alive and popular today as it ever was and this time around everything from the music to the costumes to the makeup has been taken to a completely new level, setting new standards for musicals all over the world. Mary Poppins beautifully puts forth the importance of family, love and unity. It is now doing so well in theatres that Mary Poppins Tickets are selling like anything!For Event Schedule and available tickets for Mary Poppins please click Buy

Over the years many classic books and movies have been turned into stage plays and seeing it live brings back a lot of memories. Mary Poppins is one such theatre musical. Woven from the books of P.L Travers and the popular 1964 Disney movie, the musical first hit the theatres in 2004. Co-produced by Disney and Cameron Mackintosh, the writer Julian Fellowes has adapted it for stage in a totally different style. The show recreates the magical movie moments and takes the audiences expectations to a whole new level by introducing new and unique things. Music by the composer-lyricists Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman along with George Stiles makes it an even more captivating stage production. The characters have been brought to life through some wonderful stage design as well as costumes.

Mary Poppins is the tale of the Banks family and their journey of being aloof towards each other to becoming a happy unit. The curtain opens on a distraught George Banks who has office problems and to add to his worries his naughty children Jane and Michael are once again nanny-less. Through some beautiful scene transitions the audiences learn that the entire family is lonely and unable to communicate with each other. The children misbehave to get their parents attention, Winifred Banks is distant because her husband is unable to give her time and George Banks is buried under work pressure. Amidst all this tension is the grand entry of the mysterious Mary Poppins. Along with her famous carpetbag she glides onto the stage and takes charge of the Banks family.

Though firm in her rules, she gives Jane and Michael the love and compassion that were missing from their lives. Miss Poppins’ life lessons take the kids through numerous dance and song adventures. Through her wisdom, a family that had drifted apart was brought together and relationships were strengthened. A play that began with misery, ended on happiness where the uptight Mr. Banks transformed into a loving father and husband and his spirit of adventure was rejuvenated. The stage is set alive with the catchy music and the crowd can’t help but sing along the popular songs like, “Chim Chim Cher-ee”, “A Spoonful of Sugar” and “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. All the actors have given splendid performances and done justice to their roles. They have brought on every emotion perfectly, whether it’s of distress or enjoyment.

Mary Poppins will soon be bringing her magic to the Wharton Center arena. Home of the performing arts, the center opened its doors for the public in 1982 and has established itself as a great promoter of talent. Located in Michigan State University, Wharton Center has hosted everything from stage plays to musical concerts as well as dance shows. If you and your kids have yet to see this enchanting musical then here’s your chance. Get your Mary Poppins at Wharton Center Tickets now and be a part of a delightful journey! Not only will you relive old memories but also create new ones.

Being a true depiction of love between blood relations and its power to fight through the challenges of life, the musical has touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide, winning an Academy Award in appreciation. A story portraying the importance of family love, togetherness and connection keeps the audiences’ interest intact throughout. Known for its beautiful set design and incredible music, the musical is all set to be staged once again. So guys hurry and buy your Mary Poppins Tickets right now!

Mary Poppins is going to be staged in theaters near you. If you enjoy classics, you must not miss this fabulous play. This theatrical musical has entertained countless people over the years. Mary Poppins Cheap Tickets can make you relish this show in an affordable way with your family and friends.Being a timeless classic, Mary Poppins can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Other than entertainment, you will also get to know some valuable lessons that would help you to lead a better domestic life by means of this play. So get your hands on some Mary Poppins Cheap tickets and look forward to a rejuvenating evening now!

Although most people are already familiar with the old Mary Poppins story, the real beauty of this particular musical lies in its artistically innovative designs that contribute to a truly captivating performance which appeals to not only adults, but also children of all age groups. This is just the right opportunity for you to take a break and witness some quality entertainment with your friends and family. So if you want to be a part of this magnificent experience, get your Mary Poppins tickets right away and we assure you, you’ll be thanking us later for a brilliant time!

Mary Poppins London and Broadway productions had a few differences such as “Jolly Holiday” sequence. A number of international productions of Mary Poppins have premiered all across the globe over the decades. The musical has won a number of awards and nominations, including two Laurence Olivier Award, two Drama Desk Awards and one Tony Award. Currently, it is Broadway’s thirtieth longest running show and a number of national tours have been arranged over the years. If you want to attend it this holiday season, grab Mary Poppins discount tickets before there are none left in the market!

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