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Mannheim Steamrollers is a new age music band belonging to Omaha, Nebraska. The group was created by Jackson Berkey along with Chip Davis. Mainly the band is known for its modern Christmas songs’ recordings. The band released their debut album “Fresh Aire” in 1975. It was followed by a series of Fresh Aire Albums, each based on a different theme. In 1984, Steamrollers experimented with holiday music and released “Manheim Steamroller Christmas.” The band is going to perform live this holiday season, to attend their live show, you can purchase Mannheim Steamroller concert tickets since they have now gone up for sale.

Surely a unique name and even more unique band in the music industry and it is the one and only Mannheim Steamroller. This band had been ruling the hearts of fans for many decades now and has sold around 30 million albums across the globe with 28 million just in the US. Many of their albums have been certified Platinum and Gold which is a proof of the band’s potential and abilities. People you can watch this band live in your city so get Mannheim Steamroller Tickets only from us and have a melodious evening!

The group was founded in 1974 by two musician friends, keyboardist Jason Berkey and composer Chip Davis. The band mainly composes music in genres like Christmas music and new age. The name is taken from an old classic waltz composition called Mannheim Roller that was made popular by a school in Germany called Mannheim that was in fact located in the city of Mannheim. This city was also famous as it used to produce steam powered cars and was also the city where the first automobile was invented and made. In the late 70’s Davis decided to make and release an unusual album which was an intricate blend of light humor, jazz and classical music but none of the major recording labels showed an interest in such kind of music. So eventually Chip Davis made his own recording company by the name of American Gramophone.

After forming the Gramophone label Davis and Berkey went on to release a series of fine albums that truly depicted the immense potential and virtuosity of these artists. The duo with collaboration from other musicians released Fresh Aire album series with the first being released in 1975 and the last one in the series was Fresh Aire 8 that was released in 2000. All the albums except the last one were certified Gold and Fresh Aire 7 and 8 both were at #2 on US Billboard New Age Albums Chart. Davis didn’t restrict himself with the same type of music, in fact from Fresh Aire 5 onwards he starting exploring new horizons with each album becoming a concept album dealing with topics like Greek mythology, moon, numbers and even infinity.

Davis collaborated with guitarist Mason Williams on one of his classical albums in 1987. Mainstream success came to Mannheim Steamroller in the year 1984 when the band released its first ever Christmas holiday music album namely Mannheim Steamroller Christmas . This album used popular Yuletide that was interpreted in a contemporary modern way. The album was a super doper hit as it went 6x Platinum and landed at #2 on Holiday Album Charts. Two more multi-Platinum albums followed namely A Fresh Aire Christmas (1988) and Christmas in the Aire (1995), both these albums were at #1 on Holiday Album Charts and were at#36 and #3 respectively on US Billboard 200. Release of these three albums catapulted Mannheim Steamroller to fame and the band became the most requested Christmas and holiday music artists of all times. After that the group till date has released eight more Christmas albums out of which one was 3x Platinum, four were Platinum and one Gold. The latest album till date was released in 2009 called Christmas Anniversary: 25 th Anniversary Collection . Apart from this Mannheim Steamroller has released ambience albums such as Bird Song (2001), Summer Song (2001) and Autumn Song (2003).

Fans this band is certainly amongst your favorite groups and you definitely have waited patiently to watch its live performance. Well your wait is finally over now as Mannheim Steamroller is coming to your very own city so all you got to do is buy Mannheim Steamroller Tickets only from us and we assure you of great evening full of holiday music!The group that is famous for its Christmas songs, Mannheim Steamroller will amaze you all with its awesome song collections pretty soon! They’ve been making such music for the past 35 years now. Many of their albums have gone gold and multi platinum and have blown away the charts. Besides that, the rollers have sold over 28 million albums all over the USA. If you wish to have a great time with your loved ones, this group is the right choice for you. Come and enjoy the melodious and foot tapping tunes by this talented band with your Mannheim Steamroller Tickets.

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Christmas Live
A Fresh Aire Christmas

Manheim Steamrollers have become majorly popular because of their holiday music. After a series of Fresh Aire albums, their Christmas albums made a great sale as well. In 1990’s Steamrollers adopted more of the “New Age” genre along with a little touch of light jazz which was yet another successful attempt at refining their music. Apart from the Holiday and Fresh Aire series, the band has also released a number of other albums such as “Ambience Albums” series. If you wish to get into the Christmas spirit this year, grab some cheap Mannheim Steamroller tickets and enjoy a musical evening with family and friends!

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