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A great writer-poet writes a play and a great composer makes an opera out of it, all for you! Macbeth now comes to a theatre near you! You have all either read this famous play or at least heard about it! You have loved its storyline and its subject! Now see it all unfold right before your eyes, composed by one of the best composers of all times, Giuseppe Verdi .

Verdi, an Italian composer of the 19 th century is considered to be one of the most famous composers of his times. His work was never time-bound and his compositions are being played today in theatres all over the world. He started to work on the opera’s music in 1846 and it took him a whole year before his masterpiece could be premiered. His motivation was obvious; Shakespeare himself. “He is one of my favorite poets. I have had him in my hands from my earliest youth”, announced Verdi in one of his letters’. Furthermore, tragedies also appealed to him. For him, tragedy was one of the best creations of a human mind. It was only fair that a tragic play be made into an extraordinary opera, at the very least, said Verdi. Since his adaptation of Macbeth is closest to the original Macbeth of Shakespeare, it is only pertinent to refresh our memories.

Macbeth is all about the killing of a monarch and its consequences. It is a story of treachery, deception, fate and ambition. The play revolves around a Scottish General, Macbeth. On his way back from a glorious victory over the Norwegian forces, he encounters three witches who prophesize that he would one day become King of Scotland. Seeds of unwanted ambition are sown in Macbeth’s heart, leading him to his killing of King Duncan of Scotland. In order to cover up his heinous crime, he commits even more murders. His wife is his partner in crime, who eventually loses her mind and commits suicide. Later, Macbeth is killed as well.

Verdi composed this opera in four acts and as mentioned before resembled the original play by Shakespeare. One of the few differences in the 1847 version was that instead of using three witches, the composer employed a large number of witches, singing in a chorus in three part harmony. The first version, the 1847 version, needless to say was a hit. It was widely played all over Italy. The opera was however revised in 1865. Originally revised for Paris audience, today it has become Verdi’s preferred version of Shakespearean tragedy all over the world. In the United States, this second version of Verdi’s masterpiece was premiered in 1941 in New York. It was an instant hit, to no one’s surprise.

Today, in the United States, Verdi’s opera is everywhere, earning great reviews. It has been staged in all the well known opera halls across the nation. It is also one of the top most items on opera lovers “must see” list. Due to the fact that it has been written by no less than a writer and poet Shakespeare himself and composed by one of the best composers of all times, many famous Hollywood actors and actresses have happily become a cast member of this opera at various times. Patrick Stewart and Kate Fleetwood have played Macbeth and Lady Macbeth respectively. The play has also been made into a movie by one of the best directors of all times, Roman Polanski . Jon Finch and Francesca Annis played the main roles in the movie. The U.S. National Board of Review, a censorship organization, declared the movie as the Best Film of 1971.

Are you a fan of Shakespearean theatre? Are you an avid read of his plays, poems? Are you an appreciator of art, cinema, and theatre? Do you love to see a great opera composed by a greater composer, and written by a great writer? Well than reserve the best seat in the house for yourself and your loved one, as Macbeth has it all. It is just a perfect combination for an art lover like you! Buy your Macbeth tickets now!


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