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Lucia di Lammermoor is one of the most staged operas of all times. Based on Sir Walter Scott’s novel, The Bride of Lammermoor , it is masterfully composed into a tragic opera by none other than Gaetano Donizetti. This 19 th century opera still remains every opera lover’s favorite even today. It was the its subject and music which made it one of the best operas of its time, and the same two elements still make it the most sought after opera even today. It seems that the message it carried than remains valid even today! Lucia di Lammermoor is a timeless classic.
This tragic opera was composed in three acts by the maestro, Gaetano Donizetti . Donizetti is counted amongst the best composers of 19 th century Europe. Of Italian origin, he composed some of the best operas in his times, both in his native Italian and French. He is most famous for Don Pasquale , and L’elisir d’amore , both operas in Italian language. Some of his most memorable operas in French were La fille du regiment and La favorite .
As mentioned earlier, the opera is based on Sir Walter Scott’s novel. Set in the backdrop of Scotland during the reign of Queen Anne, The Bride of Lammermoor is about a tragic love affair. The plot unfolds as Edgar Ravenswood and Lucy Ashton, daughter of Sir William Ashton are in love and also engaged to be married. However Lucy’s family does not approve of Ravenswood due to the machinations of Lady Ashton. Lady Ashton is the scheming manipulative, and an evil perpetrator who manages to brake off the engagement and gets Lucy married to one Laird of Bucklaw. The tragedy reaches its climax when Lucy stabs her husband, after the wedding has taken place. She herself becomes insane and eventually dies. The novel, as claimed by the author is based on a true story.
Now to Donizetti’s tragedy! The main characters are of Normanno (a retainer of Enrico and a huntsman), Alisa (Lucia’s handmaid), Raimondo Bidebent (a chaplain), Lord Arturo Bucklaw (Lucia’s bridegroom), Sir Edgardo di Ravenswood, Lord Enrico Ashton (Lucia’s brother and Lord of Lammermoor), and Lucia.
Act 1-Scene 1 of Lucia di Lammermoor opens with the gardens of Lammermoor Castle in the background and with retainers looking for an intruder. The intruder is Edgardo and Enrico, who already hates him, vows to end the relationship between him and his sister. In scene 2, Lucia is shown waiting for Edgardo along with her maid, Alisa, beside the castle by a fountain. She confines to her maid that she has seen the ghost of a dead girl, killed by one of Edgardo’s ancestors, at the same spot where they are waiting. For Alisa this is a bad omen and a clear warning that she must break off with Edgardo. Edgardo appears and is shown in a hurry. He hopes to marry Lucia with the consent of her family, thus ending the feud. Lucia thinks this is unlikely, so they exchange marriage vows at the spot. Edgardo is shown to leave for France.
Act 2- Scene 1 opens with Enrico trying to trick his sister into believing that Edgardo has fallen in love with someone else. He further uses Raimondo to convince her that she should marry Arturo instead. In scene 2, Lucia and Arturo are shown to be getting married when Edgardo arrives unannounced. He is furious with Lucia for the marriage and demand that they return their rings to each other. He is forced out of the castle.
In Act 3- Scene 1 Enrico challenges Edgardo to a duel. He agrees. In scene 2 Raimondo tells the wedding guests that Lucia has gone mad and has killed her husband. Lucia enters on stage imagining that she is about to be married to Edgardo. Enrico appears threatening his sister but later realizes her condition. Lucia later collapses on stage and Raimondo blames Normanno for the tragedy. In scene 3, Edgardo, upon hearing that Lucia is dead, kills himself, so he could be reunited with her in the afterlife.
As you have already guessed, the opera is composed almost along the lines of the novel! With such tragic and strong plot, is it any wonder than that it has been one of the most staged operas of all times! It is a must see for all opera lovers! So buy your Lucia di Lammermoortickets now and see this tragic ancient Scottish story unfold right before your eyes!

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