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Los Lobos
Los Lobos (“The Wolves”) is a well known an American rock band that emerged in the late 1970s. The band is heavily influenced by rock and roll, folk, R&B, blues, Tex-Mex, country music, and traditional Spanish and Mexican music.

Band Members
“Wayne Nelson
Greg Hind
Chris Marion
Mel Watts
Rich Herring”
Old Members
“Glenn Shorrock
Graeham Goble
Beeb Birtles
David Briggs
John Farnham
George McArdle”

A band that has kept the spirit of traditional Mexican and Spanish music alive since the early seventies to date is Los Lobos. Spending more than thirty years in the industry have perfected the skill of the band members and made it a winner of multiple Grammy Awards. Its music draws equally from a number of genres including blues, R&B, country and folk and also reminds of the melodies of legendary artists like Santana, ZZ Top, Cream and The All Man Brothers. This summer season, the band has planned to play its part by contributing in the festivities with a live concert. Los Lobos tickets for the event are already available.
Los Lobos was formed by a group of four friends Louie Prez, David Hidalgo, Cesar Rosas and Conrad Lozano in 1974. They started off with rock and roll music and then chose a traditional Mexican style for guitar strumming. The initial years made the band more of wedding gig performers which refined its playing abilities even further. The professional path for Lobos got clear in the late seventies when it released a local EP in Los Angeles. This was the time when groups like X and Blasters just joined in the industry and were introducing rock and roll music. It was the perfect time and place for Los Lobos to make a position for itself among other groups and win hearts of people in the region. The band started playing gigs in the Hollywood Circuit and was appreciated by fellow bands. This led it to play in clubs and then in ended up in earning contracts to release its first album.
Los Lobos entered the Olympic Auditorium for the first time in the eighties to make a public appearance as an opening act for David Ferguson. At this point in time, it had experimented with a number of tunes and was sure of the melodies that would work best for it. The band released its first EP And a Time to Dance which sold more than 50,000 copies in the first week and was a big success. This was followed by its first studio album ‘How will the Wolf Survive’, released in the mid eighties. Encouraging response from the audience made the band put in more effort in producing appealing melodies that resulted in 16 hit albums after it.
Los Lobos has won three Grammy Awards so far and is still striving to get better and expand its list of achievements with more honors. The band‘s latest album titled ‘Tin can Trust’ was released a couple of years ago and received an outstanding response. This being the reason, its promotional tours are still in place, with one just around the corner.
The albums released so far have been highlighted by singles such as Burn it Down , Jupiter on the Moon, Turn Around, Why We Wish and a lot others of the sort. Besides its album getting nominated for Grammy Awards and earning them, specific tracks like La Bamba also earned certifications like Platinum and Gold for making great number of sales. The upcoming concert of the band will feature all its songs and will be no less than a treat for all hip hop music lovers. It will entertain them with a scoop of traditional music and also with the contemporary R&B and rock music.
Do you have any exciting plans for this summer season? If not, then, purchase of Los Lobos tickets is the best investment for entertainment. The recorded melodies that you have always admired are now being performed on stage. Experience them live and feel the difference. You’ll fall in love with the band all over again. The tickets are available. Check out the directions and place the order as early as possible!

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