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Los Angeles Dodgers:

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With roster that spells out names like Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw the Dodgers seem to be in good shape. Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets are hot commodities among baseball fans so don't miss out on your chances to witness the MLB team settling old scores out there in the fields. They play for the West Division. The team has a long and storied history and it was established in 1883 and has won six World Series Titles and twenty one NL Pennants. Will they win the upcoming match in flying colors or not? To find that out and a lot more just make sure to be cheer for them from the stands.For Event Schedule and available tickets for Los Angeles Dodgers please click Buy

Mattingly , the team plays its home games from Dodger Stadium . With players all dressed up in blue and white, the Dodgers are all set to contend its toughest rivals and take the trophy home! So guys buy your Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets and be a part of the thrilling baseball championship this season!

Los Angeles Dodgers happens to be one of the oldest and most experience franchise in the Major League Baseball. The origin of the dodgers dates all the way back to 1883 when the team was formed in Brooklyn New York, however, without a name. As the years passed on the team was called upon with several names amongst this was the name “Dodgers”. Dodgers became team’s official name in 1932 before the franchise was relocated to Los Angeles in 1958. After moving to Los Angeles, Dodgers started playing their home games at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum initially, but after calling it home for four seasons, Dodgers then moved to their present home ground of Dodger Stadium. Dodger Stadium has seen a lot of memorable moments ever since and still continues to do so, as it also happens to be the third oldest ballpark in all of the MLB ballparks.

Los Angeles Dodgers compete as the members of West Division of the National League of the Major League Baseball. During their early years of play, Dodgers had their first major success when their very first National League pennant came to them in 1941. Although the team went on to lose to Yankees later on, but it still was a memorable event in the history of the team. It was also memorable in the sense that it became the reason for Dodgers age long rivalry with Yankees. The rivalry was further sparked up a bit when Dodgers went toe to toe with Yankees in all of their six World Series appearances. And as the team was led by Jackie Robinson, Dodgers managed to finally get a grasp on their first ever World Series title back in 1955 after they pulled off a satisfying victory over the New York Yankees for the very first time. Not only did it feed Dodgers’ hunger for revenge, they also brought home their very first title.

Dodgers earned their World Series title for the second time later in 1959 when it had only being one season since they moved to Los Angeles. Dodgers success story moved forward later in sixties as well as they managed to bring home three more National League pennants, and just to top that off, they also rightfully earned World Series titles twice more; once in 1963 and the other one in 1965. 1963 title added another page to the long history between Yankees and Dodgers as the Dodgers had to go through Yankees once again to get their title yet again. Dodgers claimed two more World Series titles later in 1981 and 1988. Dodgers also have a bitter rivalry with the Giants which dates back even more than the rivalry between Dodgers and the Yankees. Another fact that sparks the rivalry up is that both the teams are leveled when it comes to the number of times both, Dodgers and Giants, have claimed the World Series titles and the National League pennants.

Since Dodgers current regular season is well on its way, it’s only suiting to get a hold of the Los Angeles Dodgers tickets way before the date of the match, as the stock is expected to run out soon.Baseball fans, it's time for some real action as the Los Angeles Dodgers are just around the corner. The team originating from Brooklyn, New York is among the most celebrated baseball teams in the American sports history. Wrapped in team colors blue and white, catch your favorite baseball stars battle it out for the number one spot. The Dodgers have a glorious past when it comes to scoring victories. But will luck be on their side this time or not? To find out the answer to that just make sure to click on your deals of the Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets from us right away!

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