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PROMO19 5% Sat Jun 11 2022 Buy Lonestar, Alberta Bair Theater Tickets for 06/11 07:30 PM Lonestar, Alberta Bair Theater tickets for 06/11 07:30 PM at Alberta Bair Theater, Billings, MT
PROMO19 5% Sun Jun 12 2022 Buy Lonestar, The Newberry Tickets for 06/12 07:30 PM Lonestar, The Newberry tickets for 06/12 07:30 PM at The Newberry, Great Falls, MT
PROMO19 5% Fri Jun 17 2022 Buy Lonestar & Deana Carter, New Barn Theatre Tickets for 06/17 07:30 PM Lonestar & Deana Carter, New Barn Theatre tickets for 06/17 07:30 PM at New Barn Theatre, Mount Vernon, KY
PROMO19 5% Fri Jul 08 2022 Buy Lonestar, Lori's Road House Tickets for 07/08 08:00 PM Lonestar, Lori's Road House tickets for 07/08 08:00 PM at Lori's Road House, West Chester, OH

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Lonestar made its name first known in 1992 when is initially began as a band called Texassee. The name was created to signify the five members of the band who were from Texas and got together the first time at Opryland USA theme park in Nashville. The original members of the band were Richie McDonald who is the rhythm guitarist and lead singer, Michael Britt who is the lead guitarist, Dean Sams on the keyboard, Keech Rainwater the drummer and lastly the co-lead vocalist and bass guitarist John Rich. Before the band got together as Lonestar, Keech was a drummer at another band named Canyon that was from the record label, 16th Avenue Records and the band was able to make it to the Top Forty Country Music chart in 1989. During that time Texassee came up with the new name Lonestar in 1992. Lonestar made its first debut in 1993 in Nashville at a concert and by 1995 it was signed to BNA Records.
This is no ordinary band; they have been in the music industry for a long time and have been making their way successfully to the top as the years go by. This band is worth listening to even if you are not a country music fan, you will still enjoy the amazing music they provide and the entertaining performance that comes with it. So if they are in a town near then you must buy the Lonestar tickets and give these guys a chance because it’s a guarantee that if you listen to their music you will be addicted to it. Their music is like that wonderful drug that you keep wanting more of it.
In 1998, John Rich left the group in search for a solo performance and it was in 2003 that he joined up with Big Kenny with a double act Big & Rich. Richie McDonald also left the group to pursue a solo in 2007 but later on he came back to the group in 2012 and the band continued to record and plan to release a new album very shortly by the end of 2012. The name of Lonestar’s new single is The Countdown. During the time McDonald was absent, Cody Collins became his replacement as the lead vocalist for Lonestar. 
The band’s second album was named as Crazy Nights which also had some great singles like You Walked In and Everything’s Changed, also a few more which made it to the top ten in the Country Music chart. The first album which was released in 1999, after Rich left the band was called Lonely Grill. Even though the album’s first single did not make a great hit, the rest of the singles like Amazed gained its rightful place in the top charts and became the most popular song of the year.
The band made its first hit on the country music new 27 singles chart in 1995, when their song Tequila Talkin made it to number one. Up till now the band was able to lead at least nine of its singles to the top chart and always made it to being number one, especially on the Billboard Hot 100. This gained them a huge success in the music industry ever since Dolly Parton and Kenny Roger’s Island in the Stream which was done in 1983. Lonestar has been able to record Greatest Hits assemblage and at least eight studio albums. Of those nine albums; three have been certified as gold and the others have been given the status of platinum or even a higher label. The band ended up selling a greater number than six million records which were sold around the globe. There is still more to know about Lonestar but for that you will have to see their live performance and be the judge of it. You can also buy cheap Lonestar tickets if you get to be first in line.

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