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Some of the best women football players in North America will soon be taking to the field when the Legends Football League kicks-off. LFL games have become popular in a short space of time and a lot of that is down to the kind of excitement they offer for the fans to be a part of. So with the new season now about to get underway book your Legends Football League tickets and be a part of the excitement live.
The Legends Football League was incepted in the year 2003. The LFL is the brainchild of “Mitch Mortaza” who wanted to turn women 7-on-7 football to the masses. It all started as a single event which was named “Lingerie Bowl” that was designed to attract the attention of the masses from halftime Super Bowl programming to women football.
The idea worked and the sport started to become popular which resulted in the creation of the league. The league consists of a dozen teams from the United States. Then there are another four sides that compete from Canada and Australia each. “Los Angeles Temptation” hold the record for most league crowns against their name with three triumphs.
The rules of the game are clear and very easy to understand. Two teams line-up against each other with both sides consisting of seven players each. The players need to have their protective gear on which consists of knee pads, elbow pads and the shoulder pads to safeguard against serious injury. Unlike normal football games there are no punts or field goals as such. There are two halves to the game and once a team gets to score a touchdown it can then convert one point by scoring from the one yard line. Alternatively the team with the touchdown can also go for a two point conversion but for it will need to score from three yards out.
The field of play from end zone to end zone is fifty yards long. The width of the pitch is thirty yards and both end zones are eight yards in depth. There are a total of four quarters that are eight minutes long each. The duration of halftime is fifteen minutes. If by the end of a game two teams are tied then a single or multiple periods of eight minutes overtime are played until the tie is broken and there is a clear cut winner.
The Legends Football League’s championship game is called the “Legends Cup.” It is the highlight of every season that sees the best in the business compete for the biggest prize up for grabs in the sport. The teams are ready and they are all set to hit the field as the latest campaign gets underway. Like always, not a single inch of field will be given by any team in the quest to reach the top. It promises to be another fascinating campaign so book your Legends Football League tickets and catch it live.

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