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Le Reve is a beautiful dream of Dragone production now on the Wynn Las Vegas’ stage. Le Reve is an extraordinary world where dreams float on the water and dance in the air. It is a reincarnation of traditional theatre, speaking the language of modern day’s theatre. It is an out of the ordinary aquatic experience adorned with the fluidity and exuberance of world class acrobats. The success of the show lies in dynamic performances and up notch special affects that make this breathtaking world so believable.

Le Reve is actually a painting by Spanish painter Picasso which means the dream in French. Le Reve is a unique entertainment experience inspired from the Canadian theatric maestro; Cirque Du Soleil. Franco Dragon, the director of Le Reve, has actually directed a number of shows for Cirque Du Soleil over the past. Some of his major Cirque Du Soleil’s acts include Mystere, Alegria, Nouvelle Experience and O. It is no surprise to feel the same essence throughout this production as well. Le Reve is the third major Dragone production, which premiered in 2005. The show connects comedy, drama and music in a way to create perfect sense of life and all these factors form the soul of the Dragone Company itself. These shows may look like a big circus with funny looking clowns on the surface but in reality they carry deeper meanings.

The show incorporates more than ninety acrobats with local and international expertise. These artists represent the arts of more than seventeen nations worldwide. All these performers are trained gymnasts with professional background in swimming and circus. These artists have won various national, international and Olympic competitions and are certified Scuba divers with avid past experience. Their agility and vigilance takes the show to superior level of excellence; creating something bigger than an ordinary stage performance. Their symmetry and discipline create illusions which are larger than life. It is a show that hooks the audience with its glamour from the beginning till the end. It is an interwoven mix of comedy and dances to create the greatness of top notch showmanship.

Le Reve of Dragone tries to create a dream by the inventive use of theatrical tools. The creative team of Le Reve has been a significant part of the production. Their dedication and conviction resulted into a fantasy worth believing. The creation of a production this big, wasn’t a piece of cake; many people invested their hearts and souls into it, to create what you see today. The mind blowing choreography of the show was done by Giuliano Peparini and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. The pristine white and sizzling red costume designs are the artistic genius of Claude Renard. The captivating music of the show is Benoît Jutras’ compositions. The inventive use of lighting and sound is handled by Koert Vermeulen and Daniel Léon respectively.

The purpose built Wynn Theatre in the Las Vegas strip also plays a prominent role in making it an unforgettable show. The theatre offers an intimate visual experience with its round in-built design with seats no farther than 40 feet. The theatre has been designed by world renowned Claude Santerre . It carries almost one million gallon water to facilitate the diving and scuba acts of the show. The feats of the acrobats are enhanced by the lighting, special visual and audio facilities of the theatre. There are underwater speakers along with normal audio devices to ensure perfect sound quality. The theatre is equipped to provide surprising elements in the shows as well. Don’t be surprised if you feel rain drops falling on you in the middle of the show.

Le Reve has been a resident show of Wynn Las Vegas and has been hosting it since its world premiere in 2005. The show is gaining enormous popularity all over. It has been featured on television shows like What Makes it Tick and America’s Got Talent. The cast members also made an appearance in the Latin Grammy Awards at Mandalay Bay Events Center of Las Vegas. If you want to catch this show live then get your Le Reve Discount Tickets now!

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