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At 15, the most that the majority of American girls can look forward to is becoming prom Queen or the head of their high school’s cheerleading squad. Well Lauren Alaina used to have those typical expectations too, until she upped the ante and set her sights on becoming the next American Idol. Though she might have ended one step shy of her final goal, with Scotty McCreery being crowned as the winner, the acclaim, respect and admiration that she garnered from millions across the US the rest of the world has propelled her into the mainstream musical industry. Within weeks of becoming the runner-up in the tenth season of American Idol, Lauren landed a record deal that translated into a debut album release that climbed up to the upper echelons of the US Country and Billboard 200. Book some Lauren Alaina tickets now to see this ‘wildflower’ blossom and waft out her melodic essences.

Born in a late autumn chill of 1994, Lauren Alaina Suddeth was ingrained with a strong Christian upbringing that left her with a strong attachment with her heavenly father. Embracing the mantle of a modern day Soldier of Christ, instead of employing sharpened tempered steel weapons to perpetrate her cause a la the Knights Templar, she seems to be all up in arms with her piercing soulful renditions. Her affinity for music set in when Lauren was only 3, being inspired by the Dixie Chicks whose songs she would belt out on her karaoke. During her junior years at the Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe high school, Lauren Alaina was actively into cheerleading. Growing up, she was very close to her cousin Holly Witherow, whom she credits to having inspired her to pursue singing as a career, especially when the Holly was diagnosed as having developed a brain tumor in 2008. Henceforth, she kept on singing, even whilst she was waiting tables or stocking up the salad bar at Cici’s Pizza back in her home town of Rossville.

Lauren Alaina‘s growing passion for singing prodded her to enter and win a spate of contests such as Southern Stars Pageant, Chattanooga’s Riverbend Festival, American Model and Talent Competition as well as the WinniSTAR competition targeted at seeking out the best talent amongst youth. However, it was auditioning for the tenth installment of the American Idol Franchise on 27th January, 2011 that changed her life. Singing Faith Hill’s "Like We Never Loved at All" and then breaking out in a couple of verses from Judge Steven Tyler’s own song "Like We Never Loved at All", Lauren Alaina vowed Judge Jennifer Lopez enough to shed a tear or two, exclaiming "She’s 15" and the Aerosmith frontman declaring that "We found the one". Lauren kept on amazing both the studio audiences, as well as the millions tuned in, all through the various American Idol rounds, singing "Before He Cheats" as a duet with Carrie Underwood in the finale.

After being titled as the penultimate winner in American Idol, Lauren Alaina proceeded to release the song "Like My Mother Does," that she had sang during the show’s finale, as her debut single. Climbing to number 20 on Billboard Hot 100, the track has gone on to sell more than 330,000 copies. The success of "Like My Mother Does" led to Lauren Alaina being signed on to Mercury Nashville and resulted in the budding of her debut album Wildflower. Released in October 2011, the record peaked at the 2nd spot on US Country Albums charts and the 5th on Billboard 200 selling more than 233,000 copies in the process. Lauren Alaina had already garnered critical acclaim following the releases of American Idol Season 10 compilation album and EP that specifically featured her vocals and broke into the top-ten on the US Country charts, totaling sales of more than 100,000.Even before releasing her first single, Lauren Alaina had already gotten under her belt a stage performance alongside the country diva Martina McBride at the CMA Music Festival on Grand Ole Opry . Following Wildflower ‘s release, Lauren has performed at various notable events such as CMA Country Christmas and In Performance at the White House that that was broadcasted on CBS. The grapevine has been incessantly buzzing around her fast-blossoming career, so book your Lauren Alainatickets now for an earful of her finely tuned honeyed crooning.

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