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The Grammy award-winning group, Lady Antebellum is going to perform live soon! Many of their catchy country songs have hit the top ten charts on the billboards. In a very little time, the trio gained massive respect and appreciation. People love to go to their concerts as they are quite known for giving out outstanding performances. The group has a strong hold on country music by making quality compositions repeatedly. Both of their albums did a great business and are certified platinum by the RIAA. Don’t miss their upcoming live concert and get your Lady Antebellum Tickets as soon as possible!

Lady Antebellum is a pop and country music band that was formed in 2006 at Nashville, Tennessee. The band is made up of three members, Hillary Scott, daughter of famous country singer Linda Davis, Charles Kelley, brother of the singer Josh Kelly, and Dave Haywood. With the help of these family connections the band was formed. Hillary Scott met Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley at Nashville in 2006. The band explained that they chose the name “Antebellum” because of their group photography of antebellum architecture. In the beginning they started to play locally and various smaller venues.
Lady Antebellum signed to “Capitol Records” in 2007. Jim Brickman asked the band to sing in his single “Never Alone” right after they had the contract with the label. The song made it to #14. In the mid of the same year, the band managed to write a song for MTV’s reality show called “The Hills”. In the September of 2007, trio released their very first single by the name “Love Don’t Live Here”, releasing its video a couple of months later. The song made it to Billboard “Hot Country Songs” list at #3 and was later included in their debut self-titled album on 15th of April 2008. The album made it to #1 on the “Top Country Albums” on Billboard as well. It was also platinum certified in July of 2009.
Their single “Lookin’ for a Good Time” came out in June of 2008 and made it to #11 by December. The same year the Lady Antebellum was asked by Martina McBride to perform as the opening act for her “Waking up Laughing” tour. Their song for “AT&T Team USA Soundtrack” called “I Was Here” also made it to “Bubbling under Hot 100” chart and #24 too. The trio’s first official single to make it to #1 was “I Run to You”, released in January of 2009 and making it to #1 by July.
Lady Antebellum wrote a song for Luke Bryan’s with Scott singing in background. The song was named “Do I” and was released on 2009. Bryan released his studio album on in October of the same year and included the song in it. The band released their second official studio album “Need You Now” on 26th of January 2010. The main song from the album debuted on Billboard “Hot Country Songs” at #50, gradually making it to #1 by the passage of time. It also made it to #2 at Billboard Hot 100. The album made it to #1 right off at Billboard 200 as well as “Top Country Albums” chart. It sold more than 480,922 copies. It was also platinum certified in United States. The band was invited to sing for “American Idol” final show, where they sang their hit “Need You Now”.
Lady Antebellum’s first official tour by the name “Need You Now 2010” began in October at Orlando, Florida. By the end of the year, the trio performed at 44th Annual Country Music Awards. They started working on their third studio album in the January of 2011. The group released their first single from the future album on 2nd of May 2011 by the name “Just a Kiss”. Their album “Own the Night” is said to come out soon.
In their short span of career, Lady Antebellum have won various awards and recognitions. In 2008, they were awarded Country Music Association Award for “New Artist of the Year” as well as seven others. They won a Grammy Award for “Best Country Performance by Duo” in 2010. They were awarded with “Vocal Group of The Year” at CMA Awards, breaking a long record by Rascal Flatts. They were presented with “Single of the Year” CMA Award twice consecutively. If you wish to see the performance by this talented new band, don’t forget to grab your Lady Antebellum tickets today!

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