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Kool and the Gang is a famous American jazz, R&B and funk group from Jersey City, New Jersey. Its music often also combines soul, boogie and dance pop, creating a sound that has mesmerized audiences since their debut in 1964. Their music has been released by such record labels as Mercury Records and De–Lite Records. The group is home to many fabulous musicians, each worth seeing performing live with Kool and the Gang tickets in hand.
Kool and the Gang’s members are  Robert "Kool" Bell, George Brown, Ronald Bell (Khalis Bayyan). Dennis Thomas, Sonnie "Skip" Martin, Clifford Adams, Shawn McQuiller, Rodney Ellis, Lavell Evans, Curtis "Fitz" Williams Jirmad Gordon, and Sir Earl Toon. It started out as a jazz group and then morphed into playing a unique blend of funk and R&B. They then went on to play smooth pop funk and since 2000, have played with a unique electro pop sound that is still signature to them. They have sold a massive seventy million albums to date, a massive achievement that makes them one of the best selling bands in the history of music.
The band's permanent members over the year have been bassist Robert Bell, tenor saxophone player Ronald Bell, lead vocalist James J.T. Taylor, drummer George Brown, trumpeter Robert Mickens, alto saxophone Dennis Thomas, guitarist Claydes Charles Smith and keyboardist Rick Westfield. It traces its history back to when Robert Bell founded the Jazziacs, an instrumental band with friends. It was later renamed as Kool & the Flames in 1967 and then to their present name in 1969. The same year Gene Redd signed them onto his record label, De–Lite Records and they released their first album, a self–titled release.
The album was a massive successful and broke many records, as well as led to many singles sold. It was followed by a number of albums. In 1973, they released the album Wild and Peaceful, which spawned two hit singles Hollywood Swinging and Jungle Boogie. In 1974, they released another album, dubbed Light of Worlds, followed by another album, titled Spirit of the Boogie in 1975. It spawned the highly successful single, Summer Madness, and was followed by Open Sesame, whose lead single gained a lot of popularity.
James J.T. Taylor joined the band, leading to a number of more singles and albums, including 1979’s famous Ladies’ Night. During the eighties, they released many more hit singles and albums, including Celebration, Big Fun, Joanna and Get Down On It. In 1984, they released the album Emergency, which spawned four sensational top twenty hit songs, including Cherish and Fresh. It was followed by the album Forever, which was a massive success and also spawned a number of hit singles.
During the nineties, the band released albums such as State of Affairs but was less active than before. Today, the original founding Bell brothers and George Brown are still active. Many other members of the band passed away, including keyboardist Ricky Westfield, trumpeter Robert Mickens and guitarist Claydes Smith. In 2007, they released an album titled Still Kool.
Today, this is a legendary group, renowned for music that has touched millions and sold a mind blowing seventy million plus copies. Their songs have been featured in such iconic movies as Pulp Fiction, Men in Black and Rocky. Many a musician have sampled their music and they have inspired the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Kris Kross, Nas and N.W. A. In 2010, band members performed a rare concert in Jerusalem and in 2012, they toured with legendary rock band, Van Halen, marking the beginning of more concerts, each easily seen by ordering Kool and the Gang tickets.