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Kenny G, the world’s greatest instrumentalist has sold around seventy-five million albums and is still selling more and more. Born as Kenneth Bruce Gorelick in 1956, he is a saxophonist in the genres smooth jazz and adult contemporary. He first came to fame after the release of his fourth studio album, titled Duotones , in 1986 and since then he has released numerous hit singles and albums. Not to mention number of sales his albums have, making him the best selling instrumental musician in today’s music surpassing all other instrumentalists despite playing in a classical music genre, which many say is not as alive today as pop is. Regardless of that, Kenny G has bagged numerous awards including Grammy Awards and won the hearts of millions with his breathtaking music.

Kenny G was born in the city of Seattle in Washington. He first heard the saxophone when a performer was playing it on the TV show, The Ed Sullivan Show. He immediately fell in love with it and started playing the saxophone when he was hardly ten years old. He was taught the saxophone by a local instrumentalist playing the trumpet, Gerald Pfister, and he used to practice by listening to music such as that by Grover Washington Jr. and then copying the sounds he heard. He first began playing with a Buffet Crampon alto and studied at the Whitworth Elementary School, with high school at the Sharples Junior High School and the Franklin High School. He went to study at the renowned University of Washington. He played in his school’s jazz band and was its first chair. He also had private lessons from Johnny Jessen on not only the saxophone but also the clarinet. Thus, a musician who became an orchestra instrumentalist while in high school and now has millions in sales, is definitely the person for you to listen to live through Kenny G tickets.

As a career, Kenny G first began playing the saxophone for the Love Unlimited Orchestra, a Barry White orchestra, while still in high school at an age of seventeen in 1973. It was an amazing accomplishment for a high school student to play in an orchestra at such a young age. He was hardly behind in his studies; he graduated magna cum laude from the University of Washington majoring in accounting. After university, he began playing with the band Cold, Bold & Together and then with the band, The Jeff Lorber Fusion. He started his solo career after this in 1982 with the label, Arista Records. Since then, Kenny G has released numerous albums and has had collaborations with artists like Whitney Houston, Natalie Cole, Steve Miller, Michael Bolton, Aretha Franklin, and the legendary Celine Dion. Only a musician as legendary as these artists in his genre can collaborate with them and that is Kenny G.

Kenny G’s second and third albums were popular and achieved platinum status within the US. His fourth album, Duotones , marked his rise to even more fame with five million albums sold in the US only and his sixth studio album, Breathless , was widely regarded as the greatest, best selling instrumental album having sold fifteen million albums. But that was just the beginning. Kenny G then went on and broke the record for releasing the best selling Christmas album of all time, Miracles, which sold around thirteen million albums and was immensely popular with people shopping around for Christmas albums. This kind of success is rare even in the world of pop and in the world of classical music, it is unheard of. Thus, this saxophone playing ultra genius is astounding and if you haven’t heard the chance of listening to him play live, you definitely must go watch him through Kenny G tickets and see for yourself what it is that makes this artist a legend.

Kenny G has also bagged a Guinness Book of World Records for being the saxophonist who played the longest ever note that was recorded on saxophone. For those who know their music, Kenny G held the E-flat for a record fifty minutes, something that was unheard of. The remixes of his song Havana from the album The Moment rose to number one on the Billboard Dance Club Play Songs charts. He also won a Grammy Award in 1994 and has won other instrumental awards. He is truly an artist par excellence, watch him live by booking your Kenny G tickets and we assure you that you will have an experience of a lifetime.

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