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The Kansas City Chiefs, a pro football team that calls Kansas City within the Missouri state home, is also one of the foremost teams within the greater NFL, America’s and the world’s greatest football league. This NFL team is part of the American Football Conference’s Western Division, the AFC being part of the NFL. Thus, this pro American team is an NFL team that plays home ball back in Kansas City and regularly participates in season games as well as in the many championships that take place year around in American football. This awesome team was first formed as the Dallas Texans back in 1960 by Lamar Hunt as part of the original charter teams of the greater American Football League. In 1963, this fantabulous team moved to Kansas City and has been their since then. Thus, if you are looking from some mindblowing football, look no further than Kansas City Chiefs tickets.
This breathtaking American pro football giant became part of the NFL at the historic NFL and AFL merger that took place back in 1970. Today, this team is one of the best teams within the NFL and a highly successful franchise at that. This team is valued amazingly at just around one billion dollars, a huge valuation for a football team. At its beginning, the Kansas City Chiefs won a record three different AFL Championships, equal to the NFL Championships that have now turned into the Super Bowl. Thus, this team won three championships equal to the Super Bowl in just the first nine years of existence, having one of the best AFL records at 92-50-5.
The Kansas City Chiefs made pro football history when they brutally showed defeat to the Minnesota Vikings in the AFL-NFL World Championship Game that took place in the fourth Super Bowl, Super Bowl IV. Thus, this team became the second team in the AFL to do so by showing defeat to an NFL team. The Kansas City Chiefs made history again when they participated in more than one Super Bowl, becoming the second team ever to have done. But the Kansas City Chiefs weren’t done yet; they again made history by being the first ever team to have participated in a championship match within two dissimilar decades, a spectacular achievement.
This team has been part of the AFC’s West Division since back in 1970. In this time, the Kansas City Chiefs have managed to win a good number of championships. These include three AFL League Championships equal to the Super Bowl from 1960 to 1969 and one AFL NFL Super Bowl Championships. Thus, the Kansas City Chiefs can be thought of as winning four Super Bowls; three AFL League titles equal to the Super Bowl and one Super Bowl. In fact, two of these championships, the Super Bowl and one AFL League championship were won during the same year, a massive achievement.
The Kansas City Chiefs have also won a record eight Division Championships; two of these championships are AFL West Division Championships and six of these are AFC West Division Championships. This team has appeared a record sixteen times in the playoffs. Four of these times when the Kansas City Chiefs were part of the American Football League and twelve times when the Kansas City Chiefs were part of the National Football League. Their latest playoff appearance was in 2010. This team first played ball at the Cotton Bowl from 1960 onwards to 1962.
From 1963 onwards to 1971, the Kansas City Chiefs called the Municipal Stadium howm and from 1972 until today, the Kansas City Chiefs have played spectacular pro American football at the Arrowhead Stadium. This fantastic team was founded by Lamar Hunt, a Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee and is presently owned by the Hunt Family. The Kansas City Chiefs latest title is the AFC West Division Championships won back in December 2010 after brutally humiliating the Tennessee Titans at the Kansas City Chiefs home grounds, while at the same time a record six players from the team became part of the Pro Bowl. One of the team’s members, Jamaal Charles, bagged the coveted FEDEX Ground Player of the Year Award whereas yet another player, Dwayne Bowe, topped when it came to NFL Touchdown Receptions. All in all, this is a marvelous team and truly worth watching live, through Kansas City Chiefs tickets.

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