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The angelic voice that touched the hearts of millions around the world is none other than Josh Groban. Only four studio albums and he is one of the best-selling artists in the country with no less than 24 million copies of his albums selling worldwide and each album being certified multi-platinum by the RIAA. Groban’s fan base is not just limited to the adults but also to young people who found a pure blissful music in the form of Groban and so Josh Groban tickets are worshipped by the fans. Getting his break by performing with some famous artist, Groban is now on the fast track of success and fame. With a mesmerizing voice and lyrics that are soul touching, Josh Groban is a legendary artist in making!

At the advent of his career, not many people had expected Josh Groban to have reached the great heights of popularity that he actually ended up at. His innovative approach to music and his innate talent make him a favorite amongst his fans. Born in 1981, this young songster belongs to a mediocre family in Los Angeles. Groban started singing only when he was a school going child. His inclination towards music is evident by the fact that he first sang on stage when he was in seventh grade. From the very beginning this leading artist was increasingly fond of arts, music and theatre. He started taking music as a serious subject and joined on to Interlochen Center for the Arts for taking singing lessons.
In 1998, Josh Groban was hired by David Foster as a vocalist for staging performances at significant occasions like the Grammy Awards. It was his performance at the award show that got him the initial recognition from the music lovers. Subsequent to that, Groban was signed by the Warner Bros. for a recording. His debut album; Josh Groban was released in 2001. This self titled album earned him great adulation and recognition across the nation. It accomplished his aim of establishing himself successfully in the music world. Some of the hit tracks from the album include; “Canto Alla Vita”, “Mia per Sempre”, “You’re Still You” and “The Prayer”. His song “To Where You Are” became a huge hit. He performed this song at various concerts including the Noble Peace Prize Concert held in 2002. Various versions of this song were produced by other artists as well. Moreover, it was performed by many participants that appeared in reality TV shows. It was in the same year that he graced the sensational concert “Josh Groban in Concert”. At this concert he staged his various chartbuster songs.
Josh Groban has remained in the limelight for various remarkable solo performances as well as performances with other leading celebrities like Celine Dion and Nick Carter. His performances are full of energy, thrill and excitement. Everyone who is fond of tasteful music is well aware of his album; Closer. His album gained worldwide recognition and several versions of its songs were produced in different languages as well. Within the very first week of its release, it sold above five million copies in the US. Groban earned great respect from his fans as well as the critics for his wonderful tracks. Closer became a 4x platinum in the US and was also nominated for various esteemed music awards. His performances at the award shows time and again have earned him great appreciation. His voice has been labeled as highly unique. His voice has an exclusive touch of baritone that places him at a very high status as a singer.
Groban’s charity concerts have remained tremendously popular as well.In 2005, he performed at Live 8 concert which received outstanding reviews from audiences. Moreover, this great artist has contributed immensely towards the promotion of music education. Josh Groban donated above a $100,000 to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for the same purpose. To groove to his commendable tunes and have a superb evening with your loved ones, don’t forget to get hold of your Josh Groban tickets. His shows are worth attending even if you are not a very big music fan. The charismatic persona and dance moves of this dynamic star are ought to enthrall you. The show tickets online may be very expensive. However, we are offering tremendous discounts on these tickets. So, do avail this fabulous opportunity of getting these tickets at a reasonable price and grab your Josh Groban tickets as soon as you can!

Josh Groban has been touring all across the country with his heartfelt music. His operatic pop has wowed the audiences on many occasions. Thus it doesn’t come as a surprise that he is one of the best selling artists. He has sold over millions of records and is still hitting high numbers in sales. His live performances have the power to connect him with the audiences on a personal level. He has once again decided to take up the center stage for you. He will be performing some of his best songs on stage to create a show worth remembering. If you are interested in listening to Josh Groban, then order Josh Groban tickets now!

If you haven’t seen Josh Groban in a live concert, you haven’t seen anything. This young, handsome artist charms his audience with his melodious voice which takes the listener to a new world, full of melodies and the magic of music. With the songs from his four highly successful, multi platinum certified albums, Groban knows just how to pull the chords of his audiences’ hearts and does it well. Performing in front of the sold out venues is no new thing for Groban and this time will be no different. If you want to be among the lucky ones to see an artist as talented as Groban in a live concert, then you should book your Josh Groban tickets right away! Josh Groban Tickets
Music and acting come naturally to artists like Josh Groban, who has the potential and talent to capture their audience and keep them spellbound right till the last moment of their performance. Artists like him are definitely one in a million!
Los Angeles, California based American singer, actor, musician, record producer and songwriter Joshua Winslow Josh Groban was born on February 27, 1981. His mother was a teacher, who really wanted him to excel in his studies, and he had to work really hard to manage studies and his passion for singing side by side. It was in class seven that his teachers discovered his singing talent, and selected him to sing for the school’s cabaret night. His parents also supported him in pursuing a career in music, and he joined Interlochen Center for the Arts Camp, Michigan. Later, he also received degrees in arts and music education from Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and Carnegie Mellon University, but could not complete it at University and stepped into professional singing career.
In 1998 Josh Groban met David Foster and Brian Avnet, who were already considered as big names in music industry. David Foster kept Groban with him as a rehearsal singer for many of his mega shows, and this served for him as an opportunity to be introduced to the music industry and exhibit his talent. Rosie O’Donnell, who hosted one of the shows where Groban sang, invited him to participate on her own show. Later on, Groban also appeared on Ally McBeal show and the television series Ally McBeal where his character was a super hit. According to Brian Avnet, Groban’s manager, his career had a kick start owing to this series of events going in his favour.
Groban, apart from gaining recognition as a television star, also pursued a career in professional singing, and released his debut album titled Josh Groban in 2001. The album was rated gold soon after its release, but its popularity further climbed up with time and its rating went to double platinum just in on year. He released his second album titled Closer in 2003. It was titled so as Groban believed it served as a source to bring his audience closer to his real personality. The new album reached Billboard charts number one position just two months after its release. The popularity of his first two albums helped establish him as a popular artist in the industry, and led towards his winning many awards in the next year. He went to Interlochen again in 2004 and shared his experiences with the new students. Among the prominent awards that he received next year included a Grammy award , an Academy award , a World Music Award and an American Music Award.
Many of the renowned television shows invited Josh Groban as a guest, including the Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live , The Ellen Degeneres Show, The Jay Leno Show, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, 20/20 , Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Super Bowl XXXVIII, The Rockefeller Tree Lighting, The Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade, Glee, Today and Never Mind the Buzzcocks. He has released five studio albums so far, the latest one being Illuminations released in November 2010. He has also gained significant fame after his appearance in Jimmy Kimmel Live show in a skit singing tweets from Kanye West. He has also worked in a comedy movie titled Crazy, Stupid, Love with Steve Carell and Emma Stone that would be released soon.
All four albums released by Josh Groban before his most recent one have received a rating above multi platinum by RIAA, making him the top best selling artist in the United States. Over 24 million of his albums have been sold worldwide by now. His popularity and fame remains unparalleled owing to the immense talent he possesses, and he enjoys a house full in almost all his performances. With an artist so talented and popular, Josh Groban Tickets promise anyone who visits the event a time worth remembering and an experience that cannot be described in words.

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