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John Fogerty’s thick baritone voice and screaming electric guitar has been the bedrock of some of rock’s biggest hits since the 60s. The singer, songwriter and guitarist is of a rare breed, a true innovator on the grandest stage. Fogertywas versatile too, earning a great degree of respect and a multitude of hits with Rock n Roll Hall of Fame band Creedence Clearwater Revival, before turning to a sensational solo career later on. His early years were defined by an eclectic sound best described as swamp rock, with southern rock and Americana influences pervading CCR’s many super-hit albums. After he plunged headlong into a solo career,Fogerty turned to roots rock and heartland rock to draw inspiration. John Fogerty is an icon in his own right and John Fogerty Tickets are drawing a great deal of attention as the idol continues to dazzle crowds.
John Fogerty’s music has always been on a different scale to his contemporaries. While 60s San Francisco was plunged into psychedelic/progressive rock,Fogertybroke to go retro, embracing roots rock and old-time rock n roll with his band and later went solo. CCR’s music saw him adopt the swamp rock genre with its winding bass lines, heavy sentimental lyrics, rhythm and blues backbeat, and honky-tonk pianos.
John Cameron Fogerty was born in Berkeley, California and studied at El Cerrito High School with his brother Tom and band-mates Doug Clifford and Stu Cook . Working part-time as a paperboy, he saved up $80 to buy a Silverstone guitar with a 5-watt amplifier from Sears. He started an instrumental trio called the ‘Blue Velvets’ with Clifford and Cook in 1958. The four-piece band (after Tom joined) remodeled itself as ‘The Golliwogs’ after a stint with jazz label Fantasy Records by 1965, but never met success.Fogertychanged the band’s name to ‘Creedence Clearwater Revival’ in 1967.
Starting with their self-titled debut album, CCR’s trademark swamp rock was an unmitigated success and they went on to release six further albums till 1971. By that time, John Fogerty was producing, writing and playing most instruments on albums and he felt he had the right to dominate CCR’s musical direction. Tom grew tired of the rifts and left. Cook and Clifford were more considerate, asking for a larger role. Incensed, John gave the ultimatum that the next album Mardi Gras would feature less of his own “prized” vocals and the three would share responsibilities equally, otherwise he’d quit. The result was a fragmented album, and the band split as the disillusioned Cook and Clifford left. JohnFogerty went solo but found only limited success till the 80s. His unending delays over recording his albums often took him out of public sight, but 1985’s Centerfield capped a memorable comeback. He became entrenched in legal battles and had to contend with the shattering demise of his brother Tom from AIDS in 1990. Embittered,Fogertysought inspiration at the gravesite of blues legend Robert Johnson and realized that he should play CCR’s songs at his concerts, an act he had avoided till then and make new material. 1997 saw him make a second rousing comeback with Blue Moon Swamp . He has maintained a presence in the industry with a regular stream of hits and awards since and his music has become more politically-tinged and socially aware.
CCR sold over 30 million albums. Four CCR songs hit the #2 spot, including “Born on the Bayou”, “Proud Mary”, “Bad Moon Rising”, and “Green River”, with “Down on the Corner” (#3) and “Susie Q” (#11) also being considerable hits. All of the first six CCR albums went at least Platinum and Cosmo’s Factory and Green River topped charts. Since going solo, John Fogerty has released 8 studio albums. 1985’s Centerfield (#1, 2xPlatinum) is undisputedly his best, giving the hit singles “Old Man down the Road” (#1) and “Centerfield” (#4). He has won numerous Grammys, and was named on Rolling Stones’ both 100 Greatest Guitarists (#40) and 100 Greatest Singers (#72) lists.
Fogertyis a livewire in concert, with his raging vocals complementing the guitar licks perfectly. His current touring band includes Dave Santos, Kenny Aronoff, Matt Nolen, Hunter Perrin, Billy Burnette and Dan Hochhalter and has given great joy to John Fogerty Tickets holders. Fogertynext visits Sturgis, Stavanger, and San Francisco.
John Fogerty’s trend-breaking exploits have reconfirmed his legendary status. His role in the revival of roots rock is unmatched and an inspiration for many later acts. John Fogerty Tickets allow fans to relive the magical experiences again.
John Fogerty is a fabulous American artist ranked as one of the Greatest Singers of All Time and one of the Greatest Guitarists of All Time. This famous American is a legend and an icon, leaving behind a legacy filled with the best music and countless honors. He hails from Berkeley within the US state of California and is a singer, musician, record producer and songwriter. He is a multi instrumentalist who plays the guitar, the drums, the harmonica and keyboards. Over the course of his renowned career, John Fogerty has been part of the legendary rock band, Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Golliwogs. It is his time with Creedence Clearwater Revival and his following solo career that he is famous for with his awesome songs being ranked as some of the best ever made. He can be seen playing his Gibson Les Paul guitar live at numerous venues, through John Fogerty Tickets.
John Fogerty is a unique artist in that he has been ranked as one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time by Rolling Stone magazine as well as ranked as one of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time also by Rolling Stone Magazine. If two Greatest lists weren’t enough, two of his songs feature in two more lists; his two songs, Born on the Bayou and Proud Mary are listed as one of the Greatest Pop Songs of All Time and his song, Born on the Bayou is listed as one of the Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time. He has released seven albums through Creedence Clearwater Revival and nine albums as part of his solo career with the first being 1973’s The Blue Ridge Rangers and the latest being 2009’s The Blue Ridge Rangers Ride Again.

All Time Hits
Where The River Flows
The Wall
You Rascal You

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