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The Jack Breslin Arena is one of the most happening places in East Lansing, Michigan. If you are getting bored with your life then buy the Jack Breslin Arena tickets without any further delay!
The Jack Breslin Arena is located in the Michigan State University. Its construction began in 1986. It opened to public after three years, in 1989. It is named after the MSU alumnus, athlete and administrator, Jack Breslin, who started lobbying for this venue’s construction in 1969. It is a multi-purpose center. One of its primary purposes is to serve as a home ground for MSU sports teams. It particularly hosts the basketball matches of both their male and female teams. The interesting fact is that it is the same basketball stadium which once held the 2000 NCAA Men’s Tournament which was won by the Spartans. Right after the tournament, the university bought the floor from its owners, NCAA and Horner Flooring (who installed the Final Four floor). In order to commemorate the great event and the purpose it served in the history of the university’s sports, a plaque was placed on the baseline.

Another purpose of the Jack Breslin Arena is to serve as an arena where performances could be held for the entertainment of the community of the area of Lansing. It hosts large concerts of famous singers, musicians and comedians like Bryan Adams, Aerosmith, The Backstreet Boys, Daughtry, The Dave Matthews Band, Jeff Dunham, Jay Leno, Lil Wayne, Pearl Jam, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood and Kanye West. Other entertainments include huge truck rallies, circuses that come to Mid Michigan and various commencements.
The Jack Breslin Arena has the seating capacity of around sixteen thousand. However, the seating capacity varies from event to event depending on the seating arrangement and setup of the stage. On an average, it seats fifteen thousand people. With the development of new technology, the arena is upgraded from time to time and. In 1997, a replay board was placed above the center court. Due to its sharp colors and score display, it has been give the name Spartanvision. In 2001, new offices and gyms were added to the area. In 2005, a black drop curtain was installed to cover the upper deck during smaller events. In 2006, scrolling advertisements were placed. In 2007, locker rooms’ ceilings were raised to accommodate the players whose heights are nearing seven feet. The basketball floor was repainted in 2010. And in 2011, high definition overhead scoreboards were installed along with LED rings for the lower concourse.
Prepare yourself to be thoroughly entertained at the Jack Breslin Arena. Some of the exciting events which are to take place here in the coming year range from basketball matches to Harlem Globetrotters 2012 World Tour to Spartan Stampede Rodeo to educational fairs to MBB Midnight Madness! Don’t miss out on any of these by purchasing the Jack Breslin Arena tickets as soon as possible!