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Hip-hop has been given a new style and a brand new look by the remarkable Jabbawockeez. These eight guys and their unique act have gained stardom in a very short span. Grab your Jabbawockeez tickets and catch hip-hop take a new dimension right before your eyes.
Jabbawockeez’s eight members are Ben Chung, Chris Gatdula, Tony Tran, Jeff Nguyen, Phil Tayag, Kevin Brewer, Joe Larot and Rynan Paguio. The roots for the inception of this amazing group were put in place when Tayag, Larot and Brewer teamed up to perform together in the area of Sacramento. They called themselves the Three Musky and started performing live by donning white gloves and masks which was homage to Medea Sirkas, a strutting squad from the 1960’s. Randy Bernal and Gary Kendall, two founding members of Jabbawockeez were performing as part of the dance group named MindTricks performing in San Francisco. All five members of the Three Musky and the MindTricks were good friend and associates who were very close to each other. Later on, Larot, Brewer and Tayag also decided to move to the San Diego area to become a part of the MindTricks that was geared towards Southern California. That project took its natural course and ended up becoming Jabbawockeez in the year 2003.
The group wanted to promote free style dancing and every thing that made it so vibrant. They wanted to take this style of dancing to new heights and to do that they needed to push the envelope further than it had ever been pushed. So the first step towards that goal was to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack instantly. In order to do that, they decided on keeping the white masks and gloves routine of the Three Musky to set them apart. The line-up needed more additions so Kendall used his contacts to bring Gatdula and Paguio onboard. Once the line-up was complete and everything fell into place they started performing as a seven member group starting 2004. Shortly afterwards, three more members Ben Chung, Saso Jimenez and Eddie Gutierrez were then added to the line-up.
The performances of the crew were all based on a sensational combination of b-boying and popping. The choreography and the synchronization is done on the basis of the martial arts technique introduced and perfected by the late great Bruce Lee.
After performing locally and on a small scale for the first few years they members of the crew decided to take the next step. In 2008, they auditioned for the inaugural edition of the reality TV program America’s Best Dance Crew and got selected. The rules of the show allowed not more than seven members on a group so Tayag, Kendall, Paguio, Nguyen, Larot, Gatdula and Brewer took to the stage. Kendall passed away later that year whereas Larot injured his knee to be replaced by Chung. The crew not only performed with only six members but went all the way to win the competition. That success put them at the head of the queue and turned them into celebrities overnight. Advertising contracts from some of the biggest names in the business have come their way.
They have also performed at shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and So You Think You Can Dance. They have also hit the road and have performed in countries like Australia much to the delight of dance enthusiasts everywhere.
On 7th May, 2010, Jabbawockeez then went where no dance group had gone before and started their own show in Las Vegas titled MUS.I.C. It was the first time ever that a dance crew had headlined their own show in the Sin City. For a group to make such a huge impact in less than a decade is an achievement that simply cannot be sniffed at. If you want to see one of the best dance groups in the country live then grab your Jabbawockeez tickets at the first opportunity you get.

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