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Indigo Girls is a folk rock music group which emerged in the early eighties. The group comprises of two girls Amy Ray and Emily Saliers who were school friends. Sharing similar interests, both the girls started to perform together occasionally. They went to the same university and began to record music under the name ‘ The B-Band’ . In 1985, they renamed their group as ‘ Indigo Girls’ and released some of their self produced initial work including a single and a six-track extended play.
The duo, Amy and Emily have a contradictory style of playing the guitar. Emily creates a gentle yet musically complex sound which is inclined towards abstract; whereas Amy plays heavy punk sounds, but the combined sounds turn out to be interesting and balanced. Both of them are usually seen holding the guitar at every live performance. The groupcontracted with Epic Records in 1987 and released its first full length studio album named as ‘ Strange Fire’ which didn’t chart any prominent position. However the following self-titled album raised the duo to fame as it was a successful debut nationally. The album was ranked among the top 30 and earned the duo a Grammy Award for the ‘Best Folk Recording’.
Indigo Girls continuously produced music albums and reached platinum sales by 1991 and they found place in popular pop rock bands’ list. The 1990 album ‘ Nomads Indians Saints’ and the live EP, ‘ Back On The Bus, Y’All’ earned them Grammy nominations. Having a strong grip on music and a mature approach towards it, the duo decided to release their album ‘ Strange Fire’ again. The idea proved fruitful and the sounds were seen as more energetic, refined and deep.
During the next five years, Indigo Girls came up with diversified work which included the highest rated albums of their career. ‘ Swamp Ophelia’ and ‘ Shaming of the Sun’ debuted at #9 and #7 on the U.S charts respectively and earned it recognition even outside America. Their tours and live performances were also becoming more and more popular during this era. With the release of 2004 album ‘ All That Was Let In’ , the duo celebrated its twentieth anniversary; however it was their last release with the label ‘Epic Records’.
Indigo Girls soon contracted with Hollywood Records for five years and produced ‘ Despite Our Differences’ which is said to be “ the most infectious, pop-infused set that the duo ever has managed to concoct ”. Surprisingly this was the only album that was released with Hollywood Records and the contract was called off in 2008. ‘ Poseidon and the Bitter Bug’ , the first independent album by the duo was released in 2009, followed by two more in 2010 and 2011. Over the years both the musicians have developed a distinguished style of music.
Apart from working in collaboration as Indigo Girls, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers have some solo projects on simultaneously as well. Ray is the founder of a recording company ‘ Daemon Records’ and has also recorded five solo albums with her backing band ‘ The Volunteers’ and also started a non-profit organization. Emily is the pioneer of a restaurant in Georgia and she also enjoys her career as an author.
Indigo Girls is a very energetic and lively music group which mainly focuses on creating different sounds with a clear dominance of guitar. They will not let you down at the live performance and have successfully penetrated the pop rock music industry over the last decades. So far they have released fourteen studio albums, several EP’s and live albums. You can notice a clear improvement in their music as the girls have always put in efforts to improve their work. If you are a rock/pop fan and you love the sounds of guitar, then you must experience a live show by this talented duo. Grab the Indigo Girls tickets now!

Band Members
Amy Ray
Emily Saliers
All Time Hits
Despite Our Differences
Kid Fears

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