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Il Trovatore is an opera based on Antonio Garcia Gutierrez’s play, El Trovador . It is composed by one of the best composers of all times, Giuseppe Verdi. It is the most celebrated and staged opera of all times. Various artists of immense fame have been cast members of this masterfully composed opera, entrenched in deep Spanish history and culture. Not only an opera, it is also a journey into 15 th century Spain. It is a delight not only for art lovers but also carries much respect from history buffs as well.
Gutierrez was one of the best known and celebrated Spanish romantic dramatists of the 19 th century. Actually it was El Trovador which made him famous. While the play might have made Gutierrez one of the foremost Spanish dramatists of the 19 th century, it was Verdi who made the play immortal through his brilliant composition. Verdi was the foremost composer of the 19 th century. An Italian, he composed some of the best operas, which are still being played today in all the cultural centers of the world. Is it any wonder than that Il Trovatore is one of the most staged operas of all times!
The main characters in this opera are of Ruiz, Ines, Ferrando, Count di Luna, Azucena, Manrico, and Leonora. The opera is in four acts. Act 1 is called “The Duel”. It starts with Ferrando, an old soldier, narrating a sad story to his soldiers about their commander, the Count di Luna. The Count had a baby brother who was thought to be bewitched by a gypsy woman. The gypsy was blamed for the child’s illness and was later burned at the stake. The gypsy woman, before getting burned, urged her daughter to take revenge. Her daughter fulfills her mother’s command, kidnaps the Count’s baby brother and burns him at the same stake where her mother was burned and killed. The Count however believes that his brother is still alive. This is where the next scene starts in which Leonora confesses her love for Manrico. Meanwhile, the Count is also interested in Leonora and out of jealousy challenges Manrico to a duel. This is where Act 1 ends.
Act 2 is called “The Gypsy”. Azucena narrates a story to her son, Manrico, about how she once burned an infant at stake out of revenge for her mother’s death. She then goes on to say that out of her madness she actually burned her own son at the stake rather than the kidnapped child. She makes Manrico promise her that he will take revenge on the Count. A messenger appears and says that Leonora under the impression that Manrico is dead has decided to join a Convent. Manrico than makes a mad dash to stop her. Meanwhile the Count is already aware of her intentions and tries to kidnap her. But Manrico saves her from the Count and escapes.
Act 3 is called “The Gypsy’s Son”. The Count captures Azucena and prepares to burn her at the stake. Meanwhile Leonora and Manrico are about to get married when they hear of this. Manrico makes a move to save her.
Act 4 is “The Execution”. Manrico is captured by the Count. Leonora offers herself to the Count in exchange for Manrico’s release. The Count accepts but Leonora swallows poison. She meets Manrico and Azucena in prison and dies in Manrico’s arms. The Count is furious. He orders Manrico’s death. As soon as he is killed, Azucena yells at the Count, “You have just killed your own brother.”
Admittedly, because of its very rich cultural undertones, Il Trovatore is not always an easy act to follow as some might expect, but all the viewers have reached consensus on one point; the music. According to the National Public Radio (NPR) “Trovatore features one of the most spectacular tenor arias in any opera, a series of memorable soprano arias, some truly searing music for the mezzo-soprano and a couple of Verdi’s signature, achingly beautiful baritone arias.”
This magnificent opera is celebrated because of its subject and unforgettable music. Some have even claimed that this has been the real secret behind it being the most staged opera for the past 150 years. What could you, an opera lover, ask for more? So while the box office is open now and the tickets are going out fast, this is your opportunity to be a part of this great piece of theatre! Do not wait any longer and buy your Il Trovatore tickets now!

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