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Houston Astros, the name says it all surely a team that has made its presence felt on the Major League Baseball scene. This team has been ruling the hearts of fans for almost five decades now and surely hold an impressive record. Till date they have got two Wild card berths, two West division titles, four Central Division title and one NL Pennant to their name but have yet to win a World Series title. Astros are true masters of baseball and their matches are worth watching so get Houston Astros Tickets for a pulsating match!

Houston Astros history dates back to the early 60’s when they were formed initially as the Houston Colt .45s. The team changed its name to Astros after moving into the very beautiful dome shaped stadium called Astrodome. This stadium had the capacity to seat over 54000 fans and it remained the home ground for Houston Astros till 1999. The team then moved to the famous Minute Maid Park located on 501 Crawford Street in Houston, this stadium has the capacity for almost 44000 spectators. The Houston Astros play in the Central Division of the National league since 1994.

They were founded as an expansion of National League in 1962 and to this date they have been a National League Member. The team’s official colors are brick red, black and sand. Official mascot is the Junction Jack who can be seen walking around the stadium shaking hands with the fans and greeting the spectators. Junction Jack is a man dressed in a 7 feet tall rabbit wearing costume that is similar to the home uniform of the team.

Initially for the first few years the performance of Houston Astros was not up to the mark and from 1962 till 1978 the team was usually standing at #3 or lower positions in the division. Houston Astros with this performance failed to impress both the spectators as well as the critics but it was the year 1979 when they got noticed for the first time as in this season they were runner up in the Division for the first time winning 89 games and losing 73. In the year 1980 Houston Astros had a formidable lineup with players like Joe Niekro, Joe Morgan and J.R Richards. This time the Houston Astros were unstoppable as they made history by racing to the top position in the Division, their score was 93 wins against 70 loses. The Astros Lost the National League Champion Series (NLCS) to Philadelphia Phillies by 2-3.

In the second half of the 1981 season they again stood first in the Division but this time they were defeated by the very strong Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Division Series (NLDS) by 2-3. From 1982 till 1996 the Astros performance was not at all satisfactory as they stood first in the Division only once and the rest of the times they ended up at lower positions. During this period the new team management and owner took some corrective measures and Houston Astros underwent a major rebuilding. This paid off as the Astros continuously stood first in the Division from 1997 till 2001 except in the year 2000 in which they were at #2. During this time they played the NLDS finals four times but lost two from Atlanta Braves and two from San Diego Padres. The year 2004 and 2005 can be considered as their best seasons ever as in these two seasons they won two NLDC finals , one NLCS final and went on to play their first and only World Series final, losing 0-4 to Chicago White Sox.

Houston Astros is a team admired by many famous personalities like ex-US President George Bush, Tracy McGardy, Joel Osteen, Hilary Duff and Paul Wall. Fans all matches of Houston Astros are pulsating from start till end so get your Houston Astros Tickets only from us and be at the venue to witness yourself that whether your favorite teams wins or lose!The Houston-Astros is a Major League Baseball team which is situated in Houston in Texas.

The team is a member of the National League of the Central Division. The Houston-Astros have played all of their home games at the Minute Maid Park which was previously known as the Enron Field, since 2000. The team is well known for giving outstanding performances which keep the fans and the audience in the stadium completely captivated. If you want to enjoy the extreme thrill and pleasure of witnessing the Houston-Astros live in an action packed game, then get the Houston-Astros tickets for an awesome sporting event.

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