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The festive season is fast approaching, and people everywhere are starting to look for events and performances they can attend with their loved ones. But you can rest easy now as the perfect show to enjoy with the whole family is here. The makers of Holidaze have announced a string of performances to celebrate the holiday period in style this year. Cirque Dreams Holidaze tickets is the new show by the Cirque Productions which is an entertainment company first of its kind, as it combines the circus style developed in Europe with that of in the United States in their most shows and together with an element of Broadway theatrics presents it to the audiences. The company is credited with such successful productions as Illumination, Pandemonia, Coobrila and Cirque Dreams & Dinner. The show Jungle Fantasy which won many awards and nominations was the first of its kind show to be performed on Broadway. And now with their new production aptly titled Holidaze is a fun and exciting way to welcome the holiday season.

This original and new musical extravaganza very aptly called Holidaze is full of whimsical dreams and imagination and is a spectacle for the eyes. The concept of the show came to its director early in the nineties long before he even knew himself that one day millions would be entertained through the sheer power of his imagination. The entire production has a very warm and Christmassy feel and is very high on emotional value. It is very clear what the creative team is trying to achieve here, because everything is bright and colorful, and makes you feel all cheerful the minute the curtain is pulled, and there is a smile spread wide across your lips. Almost all the performers in the show are dressed as ornaments that you would see hanging from a Christmas tree in your home. But these Ornaments come to life, and have their respective parts to play as costumed characters. With a crew that comprises a lot of international acrobats, dancers, singers, aerialists the team performs spectacular feats to celebrate the holiday season.

When the curtain is pulled and the members of the audience get their first glimpse of Holidaze they see a twenty four feet tall magical Christmas tree. Most of the cast is dangling from this tree as different ornaments. But as time passes they start interacting with each other. And very soon there are flying gingerbread men, toy soldiers who walk on wires, snowmen doing balancing acts, flying reindeers, puppets and penguins who add to the pomp and wonderment of the show. More popular acts like rope climbing, juggling, contortions, cycling across tight ropes and circus acts from the Far East are also there to appeal to people of all ages and from different groups.

Holidaze is directed by the owner of the Cirque Dreams Neil Goldberg who is known for his flamboyant style of direction and larger than life portrayals of everyday commonalities in his shows. He has been associated with a lot of lucrative projects in the past, and the American audiences are well aware of his style after having seen him design and create two shows for the Super bowl twice. In addition to this he has also directed shows for the Miss Universe Pageant, the NBA, Disney and broadcasting channels like the ABC and CBS. And in this new production Holidaze Goldberg has pulled all stops. It is being hailed as his finest work by audiences and critics alike. The fact that it is a show about the holiday season and is a celebration of the festive season has helped in winning family audiences all over the United States.

Holidaze is a visual treat for the eyes and the music composed for the production is sweat on the ears. A lot of attention has been paid in setting up the main stage. Accompanying the very tall Christmas tree are giant wooden soldiers. There is also a fireplace and the Christmas gifts are all wrapped in bright colors like pink, yellow and purple in addition to the more regular choices of just red and green. And all of this is made to look more cheerful and appealing through the use of creative lighting which is one of the strongest features of this show. Original music specifically written for this show is used in the production but popular Christmas songs such as Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, O Holy Night and It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year also feature on the soundtrack. If you are looking for an event to attend with your family and friends this holiday season that would make you enjoy the festive season and feel happy, excited and cheerful all over again, then get your Cirque Dreams Holidaze tickets now.

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