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Hansel and Gretel is a worldwide favorite children’s’ fairytale that has been celebrated time and again in puppet shows, cartoons, films and operas. It is beautifully sung in English with Met titles in German, English and Spanish, and comprises of three acts all which are based on the work of composer Engelbert Humperdinck. With glorious singing, incredible acting, delightful voices, HanselandGretel brings the cozy home spectacle before an enchanted family audience. The most famous opera version of Hansel and Gretel that is played in opera houses today is the one created by the German composer Engelbert Humperdinck. The Royal Opera House in London chose the notable work for their very first radio opera broadcast in 1923. Following this first broadcast, the renowned Metropolitan Opera too chose the work as its very first live opera transmission in 1931.

It is remarkably fascinating to look back into the history of today’s all time loved opera composition given that Humperdinck initially composed four songs to play before his nephews and nieces in a puppet show at home. He then incorporated a libretto used by his sister Adelheid Wette to compose a Singspiel of sixteen lovely songs accompanied with a piano and a connecting dialogue. With all these original efforts combined he finally began working on an extensive orchestration of HanselandGretel in 1891. The opera premiered in 1893 in Weimer, instantly winning much critical acclaim for its extremely original and innovative synthesis of traditional German folk songs with Wagnerian techniques. The cherubic warmth of composition is most heartfelt in wonderful song Fourteen Angels , with which the adorably cute and innocently lost Hansel and Gretel fall helplessly asleep in the deep dark woods. The following scene portraying the chef-like angels in the dream sequence is inexplicably brilliant.

The HanselandGretel synopsis is simple and straightforward; in Act One HanselandGretel are alone, playing at home when they get hungry. As soon as their mother gets back she demands to know the children did not get enough work done, getting angry and accidentally spilling the milk that the children were going to have for dinner. She then runs after them into the woods to pick strawberries. When their dunk broom-making father gets home he brings out the food he brought for the children and asks about them. When the mother tells him that they have gone into the woods, the father gets worried and tells the mother how the children are in danger because of the witch who lives in the woods. The two set out looking for HanselandGretel.

In the Second Act, the children are seen picking and eating all the strawberries when Hansel admits to Gretel that he has certainly lost the way back home. As the two siblings get frightened the sandman arrives sprinkling sand on their eyes and putting them to sleep. The poor children dream then dream about fourteen chefs standing in a row. The Third Act opens with the dew fairy trying to wake up the two siblings. Hansel wakes up Gretel and points to the gingerbread house after which the enticed two end up in the wicked witch’s kitchen. The witch is putting a spell on Hansel that would instantly fatten him up over the hot oven. Gretel then somehow breaks the witch’s spell and frees Hansel. When the witch orders her to look into the oven, clever Gretel pretends not to know how. As the witch shows peers into the hot oven the siblings push her inside and shut the door. HanselandGretel then run back home safe to their parents and the family is seen reuniting happily.

Hansel and Gretel inculcates a strong sense of family values in its exciting plots. In fact it was the joint effort of Humperdinck and his family members who participated in writing the texts for this opera. This explains why, in the opera version of the story, the important character Gertrude is the loving, doting mother of the children as opposed to the wicked stepmother that the original HanselandGretel portrays. The two hour long opera show today stand on the same orchestra structure and composition pattern set, which the Hansel and Gretel tickets proudly and enticingly boast about.

For a memorable, enjoyable family time one must avail the prized Hansel and Gretel tickets that while introduce children to a fascinatingly entertaining and engaging family story, also allows enriching their knowledge of the world’s most famous fairytales, alongside letting adults gain exposure to Humperdinck’s genius orchestration from the 18 th century.

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