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PROMO19 5% Sat May 28 2022 Buy Gipsy Kings, Cadence Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park Tickets for 05/28 08:00 PM Gipsy Kings, Cadence Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park tickets for 05/28 08:00 PM at Cadence Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park, Atlanta, GA
PROMO19 5% Sun May 29 2022 Buy Gipsy Kings, The National - VA Tickets for 05/29 07:30 PM Gipsy Kings, The National - VA tickets for 05/29 07:30 PM at The National VA, Richmond, VA
PROMO19 5% Tue May 31 2022 Buy Gipsy Kings & Nicolas Reyes, Paramount Theatre - Huntington Tickets for 05/31 08:00 PM Gipsy Kings & Nicolas Reyes, Paramount Theatre - Huntington tickets for 05/31 08:00 PM at Paramount Theatre Huntington, Huntington, NY
PROMO19 5% Wed Jun 01 2022 Buy Gipsy Kings, Chevalier Theatre Tickets for 06/01 08:00 PM Gipsy Kings, Chevalier Theatre tickets for 06/01 08:00 PM at Chevalier Theatre, Medford, MA
PROMO19 5% Fri Jun 03 2022 Buy Gipsy Kings, Beacon Theatre - NY Tickets for 06/03 08:00 PM Gipsy Kings, Beacon Theatre - NY tickets for 06/03 08:00 PM at Beacon Theatre NY, New York, NY

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Music has no boundaries, and Gipsy Kings prove it by blending French traditional music with modern pop in such a way that people from all over the world feel their hearts singing along with them!

French areas of Arles and Montpellier based musicians named together as the Gipsy Kings have been active since 1987. Most of the group members have a descent from Spanish origin, and their parents or grandparents had fled Catalonia during Spanish Civil War in 1930s. Such people are termed as Gitanos . Only one of the group members named Chico Bouchikhi has a different history, having an Algerian and Moroccan descent. The members include Nicolas Reyes, Canut Reyes, Paul Reyes, Andre Reyes, Patchai Reyes, Diego Baliardo, Tonino Baliardo and Paco Baliardo , while Jorge Trasante and Chico Bouchikhi have been associated with the band in the past.

In a small town of Southern France lived Jose Reyes , the flamenco artist. His sons Andre and Nicolas , who also had a great interest in flamenco music, formed the band as they started singing together with their cousins Tonino , Maurice and Jacques Baliardo . The group initially named itself as the Los Reyes , and started its career as a gypsy band that used to travel around and played at festivals, weddings and in streets. Not very late, the band was renamed as the Gipsy Kings for their lifestyle as gypsies. As their work gained recognition, their financial situation also improved with the band being hired frequently for high class parties at St. Tropez just to add some unique attraction to them. The band released its music in form of albums, but unfortunately they did not attract much public attention at that time. With the passage of time the band gained maturity and its fan base increased, but a kick start to their career was brought after being picked up by the producer Claude Martinez , who polished the strong points of the band including Nicolas’ voice quality and Tonino’s guitar skills to bring the band on the mainstream music scene of the world.

The band’s identity established among the top of the line music groups after they released their first album titled The Gipsy Kings , with songs like Bamboleo and Djobi Djoba becoming excessively popular. With their subsequent albums pushing up their popularity graph, Gispy Kings had become a well recognized band towards the late 1980s in France, Europe as well as Middle East. Some of their great compositions and performances like Hotel California became are now considered as legendary compositions, with state of the art fast flamenco guitar leads and rhythmic strumming. The song was also featured in many movies and provided the band worldwide popularity.

The musical style of Gipsy Kings has always attracted audiences to their performances, and they are considered among the few bands that pioneered in bringing the pop oriented Rumba Catalana music to the attention of world, and bridging the gap between the worldwide non-French audience and traditional flamenco musical style. Critics often grade their music in the Rumba Flamenca musical style that has been significantly influenced by pop music, and their songs are often found to fit social dancing styles like Rumba and Salsa . Some of the critics after studying and analyzing their musical style narrate that their music somehow meets the boundaries of salsa funk style with Romani Rhapsody and Spanish Flamenco music, and it is really difficult to categorize it into one single category. This unique singing style and diversified aspects of their music makes Gipsy Kings one of the most celebrated musical groups of the world.

Basically originating from family of the Reyes and their cousins the Baliardos , this musical group brought traditional French Flamenco music in a beautiful and modern form to the world, and gained much appreciation for their efforts. The band even today continues to be the harbinger of transformation of this world into a global village, where music has no boundaries and borders, and traditional Flamenco music meets Romanian and modern English musical styles. Gipsy Kings tickets ensure music lovers coming from all the ethnic backgrounds a musical experience that is beyond the geographical divisions of the world!

Gipsy Kings is the French band consisting of eight band members and it sings in the Spanish language. They started their career with a successful release of their debut album “Gipsy Kings” which gave them tremendous popularity and recognition. Its songs “Djoba Djoba”, “Bamboleo” and “Un Amor” became very popular. The album was released in the United States after 2 years and remained dominant on the charts for many weeks. This was a great success. They released many albums after that and are doing quite good in the music industry. The songs “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” and “Dancing With the Stars” are the top releases in 2010. You must get the Gipsy Kings Tickets if you want to enjoy music in Spanish.

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Question: How to get Gipsy Kings Presale Codes?

Answer: You can check our Super Seats page to get Gipsy Kings Presale Codes. 

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Answer: Thank you for trusting our website to buy your Tickets. You can use the promo code, "PROMO19" at the checkout page to avail a 5% discount. Get your Gipsy Kings Tickets now to watch your favorite star live!

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Answer: You can get the Gipsy Kings Tickets you want from our website and that too at cheap prices. Use PROMO19 as the discount code to get a 5% rebate on your Gipsy Kings Tickets purchase right away.

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Answer: For "Gipsy Kings 2022 Tickets Promo Code" use PROMO19 and Avail Up to 70% Discount.

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Answer: For Gipsy Kings holiday season Tickets use promo code "christmas25" and avail up to 90% discount.