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Few maestros have reached the heights of success and fame in country music as George Harvey Strait. The living legend more lovingly known as the emperor of country music brings a very unique kind of soul to this genre of music. The reason his music touches so many hearts is hard to out in words. His class is as diverse as his variations; from honky-tonk style to ballads fit for a ball room and diverse traditional country tunes with a tinge of freshness, the king of country music is an icon and marvel for all of his fans.

Many people would be oblivious to his existence, yet the sheer presence of this crooner can be measured by one simple fact; no other singer in history has ever recorded so many hit number-one singles than he has, regardless of genre, chart, style of music or fame and stature. His heavyweight match would be hard to find, yet the much loved “Celine Dion of Country Music” also known as, Martina McBride, takes her music to levels unmatched by most other famous county singers. Her wide range and variety of vocals make her an outstanding feather when put in the cap of a music guru like George Strait. They are soon coming together in a musical concert known as George Strait Martina McBride event.

In the Early eighties, George came to the country world’s attention with his remarkable hit single titled, “Unwound”. Before completing his first decade on the country music scene, George Strait already had seven chart topping albums under his belt. Amongst most of his loved performances were the tunes from the album “Fool Hearted Memory”. Within the same duration, he was able to top the charts with more than twenty singles. “Blue Clear Sky”, was one of the most influential charts topping single. It is fabled that this number alone introduced a new creed of country music lovers and cementing his success as a star well into the nineties. He was awarded “Entertainer of the Year” awards back to back three years in a row and was nominated for it countless other times.

Around the same timeline, where George was already a heartthrob, Martina McBride appeared on the canvas. Although her journey was not as rewarding initially as that of George Strait, however, in just under seven years, she released her album titled “Evolution”. The success was destined to be hers. She began to be associated with other country music divas like Shania Twain and Faith Hill. Meanwhile George continued his success relentlessly, winning Grammy Awards and major recognitions. By the turn of the century, he had not only been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, but was also awarded the title of “Artist of the Decade”. McBride was busy carving a niche for her and continued releasing chart topping hit singles and winning many accolades for her amazing performances in Country Music. An interesting fact is that both singers broke the barriers of country cross-over music. The George Strait Martina McBride event is expected to be a huge hit.

According to statistics, George Strait has truly outshined his competitors year after year. Being the twelfth best-selling recording artist in any genre in the musical history of the US is no meager feat. With a staggering seventy million albums sold in the US alone, George Strait has come a long way in proving he is worth his weight in gold. His nineteen ninety five album, Straight Out of the Box was a Multi-platinum selling album. Other chart busting albums with similar rewards are; Pure Country, Carrying your Love with Me, George Strait and Troubadour just to name a few. McBride has sold nearly twenty million albums and considering she has recorded nine albums in the studio and a live album, it is a very daunting and impressive achievement to say the least. With many awards under her belt such as, Vocalist of the Year (Female) and Top Female Vocalist, Martina McBride is an amazing country music singer. Fans of the two amazing musicians will truly enjoy the George Strait Martina McBride event.

Witnessing the George Strait Martina McBride musical concert is really going to be an unforgettable experience for fans of the two musicians as well as those who enjoy listening to remarkable live music. The George Strait Martina McBride tickets are in a great demand. This is the best time for you to get those George Strait Martina McBride tickets and enjoy a truly memorable event with your friends and loved ones. 

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