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Gavin Degraw

All Time Hits
I don’t want to be
We belong together
In love with a girl

For all you “One Tree Hill” fans out there, how many times have you found yourself humming to “I don’t wannabe anything other than me”? Well it’s time to hum along with your favorite artist Gavin DeGraw as he performs your favorite songs live in concert. So pick up your Gavin DeGraw tickets now hear the 36-year-old singing sensation from New York live. The artist is all set to sweep you off your feet with his incredible music.

Born in 1973 in New York, the half Irish half Russian gifted artist has always been proud of his roots. He has also mentioned this in his all time-hit song “I don’t wannabe”. The same song got him nominated for the 2005’s Top Soundtrack Single of the Year at the Billboard Music Awards and the 2005 Song of the Year at the Radio Music Awards.

His debut album came out in 2003 by the name of “Chariot”.  In 2008, after a lapse of about five years he released “Gavin DeGraw” followed by “Free” in 2009. His most recent album is titled “Sweeter” which came out in the year 2011. While his first three albums were under the label J-Records, the last one he released with RCA Records. Besides his singing success, he has also made several appearances on television including various episodes of “American Idol”. After his first show on Real Magic TV, he continued to make television appearances in shows including but not limited to Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Sharon Osbourne Show, Total Request Live, Rove Live and American Dreams. He also appeared in multiple episodes of “One Tree Hill”. But with his amazing success story also came a tragedy.

In 2011, after being attacked and brutally beaten up one night in  the streets of New York, DeGraw got hit by a taxi the same night. Struggling for his life he was rushed to a nearby hospital where he underwent treatment. After the unfortunate event, it was his family who supported and encouraged him to continue with his music career. Within no time the survivor was back on track doing what he loved the most. He did not lose focus on his music career and set a strong example of never giving up. He has a message to give to all those out there who are struggling with life and that is a message of hope and to be true to oneself. DeGraw’s struggles demonstrate that the way in which we handle problems can help shape our future. DeGraw didn’t give up and he encourages his fans to have the same spirit and to not let anything or anyone break them down.

His lively spirit is evident in his stage performances and if you want to enjoy them, take some time out, call up your friends, ask your family and colleagues and order your Gavin DeGraw tickets today.  This is the time to enjoy his music and  and his unforgettable performances. DeGraw has an incredible stage presence. He knows how to engage his audience and put out an entertaining performance. His concerts draw huge crowds who come to listen to his hit numbers. Over the years his fan following has grown along with his popularity.

If you are a fan and want a break from work then now is your chance to have the most enjoyable time. Enjoy his unique music as he performs to his popular hits numbers like “Follow Through”, "I Don't Want to Be", "In Love with a Girl“ and more. It is a concert not to be missed. Be in the crowd to cheer your favorite artist and sing along to his captivating tunes. Relax, party, unwind and be entertained but be sure to pick up your tickets today before they run out. 

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