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Further is an improvisational rock jam-band, named after the famous 1939 International Harvester school bus that was literally stripped down, restructured and remodeled, internally and externally, so that it would be fashionably suitable for a psychedelic tour across country. On the destination placard of the multi-colored bus was painted the word ‘further’, as a poetic gesture that would signify the inspirational spirit of carrying on no matter how many times the bus broke down.

Further,the band formed by two former members Bob Weir and Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead , relates to the same never-surrendering spirit in their dedication to creating music. The band’s current lineup takes Weir and Lesh, the band founders, on the vocals and guitar, with Sunshine Becker as an additional vocalist from the cappella group SoVoSo and Jeff Pehrson as a backing vocalist of the folk band The Fall Risk and Box Set .

Further plays extensively from the Grateful Dead songbook, as well as from other renowned artists while also playing their own original music creations, and follows the musical patterns of the former band as well. The Grateful Dead were remarkably legendary for having formed a strong, die hard fan base that followed the band from concert to concert, resulting in the origination of a fan culture. The fans, who called themselves Deadheads, were particularly thrilled at the inception of Further in 2009, looking at it as a reincarnation of sorts. The performance of the band often features the same pattern of it predecessor with reference to its musical improvisation over chord patterns and rhythm grooves with additional sets of music covering a sound range across genre boundaries. Further has also played cover songs from the well-known bands like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Band, Ryan Adams, Led Zeppelin, The Clash and Van Morrison.

After the death of Jerry Garcia who was the lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, of the Grateful Dead, the band came to an end as most knew it. Over the next few years, the different band members played for other bands namely Phil Lesh & Friends, Rhythm Devils, The other Ones and RatDog. In 2004 the band members together toured in the summer under Wave That Flag , during which time they came to be known as The Dead among their fans. The Dead then performed twice in 2008 to show support of the Obama campaign, then at one of the inaugural balls for Obama in 2009. These acts led to a tour in spring 2009, in which Phil Lesh and Bob Weir enjoyed playing side by side tremendously, deciding to come back jointly to the musical front as a band called Further, with Russo, Chimenti, Lane and Kadlecik as the other band members. This announcement was welcomed very joyfully by the Deadheads, who were ready to instantly get hold of the Further tickets at the new band’s earliest performance.

On September 18 th , 19 th and 20 th in 2009, Further debuted at the Fox Theatre in Oakland city, California with the band named Vice performing the opening. Later in November the band put on a single night show at 19 Broadway in Fairfax of a 200 person capacity, in CA. This show was announced at the last minute so that the Further tickets were available at the door. This night was followed by five more concerts in the states on the Northeast, including exciting live rehearsal sessions and two shows hosting the New Years event during which the band introduced Zoe Ellis and Sunshine Becker as their new backing vocalists. The live rehearsal sessions continued in 2010, leading up to the announcement of Further’s first tour in the US covering the East Coast in February and March after which the band put up a show in San Francisco as a celebrating gesture for Phil Lesh’s 70 th birthday.

The band then went on to perform in three music festivals in the summer namely, Nateva Music and Camping Festival in Oxford , All Good Music Festival in Masontown and the Gathering Vibes festival in Bridgeport . The band then performed in August at the Outside Lands Music and Art Festival in Golden Gate Park , after which they began their first tour of the West Coast through the month of September. Within the short time of one year, the band had performed 77 shows and 18 live rehearsals. If you want to attend a thrilling, most happening music show that features live musical improvisations then get those famous Further tickets and be witness the live shuffling of genre overlapping tunes.

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