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Within Minor League Baseball a team arises that is not so minor. In fact, its pretty much a major hit with talent flooding it and fans flocking to its games. This team is none other than the Frisco Roughriders, a team that has made a name for itself within the hallways of Minor League Baseball. This team is usually lovingly referred to by fans and media alike as simply the ‘Riders’ and their logo itself features a person racing a horse to victory, an apt description of the team. At present, this team is an affiliate at Class AA of a Major League Baseball team, the Texas Rangers. The Frisco Roughriders play within the Texas League and are part of the South Division.

Formerly, the Frisco Roughriders were based in the city of Shreveport in Louisiana where their name was the Shreveport Captains and the Shreveport SwampDragons. However, in 2003, the team was acquired by Manadalay Entertainment and was then shifted to their present location, the city of Frisco in the North of the state of Texas. The name was changed to the Roughriders and thus the Frisco Roughriders were born. Their home base is the Dr Pepper Ballpark within Frisco which opened at the same time the team shifted here, in 2003, and can seat around ten thousand people. It is an excellent stadium with seats surrounding bullpens as well as a spectacular pool.

The name itself is quite symbolic and historical. It was the name given to the famous regiment that was part of the Spanish American War known as the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment and was led by none other than famous and respected President Theodore Roosevelt before he became the President of the US. The name was chosen since it was similar to that chose by their MLB affiliate, the Texas Rangers. In 2009’s first half, the team held the spectacular position of third within the South division and in the second half, they rose to second position, an even more remarkable position. In fact, the Frisco Roughriders announced their qualification for the playoffs with a band by creating a record for the best 40-30 in the East Division to get a playoff berth in the first half of the match. That definitely makes this team a must watch for any minor league baseball fan through Frisco Roughriders tickets.

The next year, in 2004, the team easily bagged the second half of the qualifiers and had a playoff series with the Tulsa Drillers. The Frisco Roughriders crashed upon this team and completely won the series, a best of five series, with three games to none by the Tulsa Drillers. But that wasn’t it; the team then went on to mercilessly crush the Round Rock Express as part of the Texas League Championship Series in which they won four games to Round Rock Express’s one. This resulted in the Frisco Roughriders clinching a championship, even better performance than their first year.

The year of 2006 saw the Frisco Roughriders receive yet another accolade. One of their team members, the first baseman Nate Gold, was awarded the Tom Grieve Award. This award is a tremendous achievement since it is given to the player who is the best hitter within the Rangers minor league. But he wasn’t the only one star to shine bright from the Frisco Roughriders. Neftali Feliz, a former Frisco Roughriders pitcher, was the American League Rookie of the Year in 2010 as well as a renowned rangers star.

The team was initially managed by Mike McCall from 2003 onwards to 2006 as the general manager after which Scott Sonju took over the reins and is their present general manager. The team’s coach is none other Jeff Andrews for pitching whereas Brant Brown is the coach for hitting. Many of the teams former members have graduated to the Major League Baseball with notable players including Jason Botts, John Danks and Scott Feldman. Their ballpark is Dr Pepper Ballpark and their owners are Mandalay Entertainment. The manager of the team is Steve Buechele with the General Manager being Scott Sonju.

The Frisco Roughriders present a number of interesting offers exclusively for their fans. Fans can grab free Neftali Feliz jerseys by simply visiting any branch of the Apple Orthodontix. Plus, there is a special stakes, the Riders Stakes, in which fans can win upto ten thousand dollars by simply participating through either Verizon Wireless or Sport Clips. And if that isn’t enough, fans can also grab fifty thousand by entering the CoServ Electric. Indeed, the Frisco Roughriders is a spectacular team that always remembers their fans and plays superb baseball; the perfect choice for Frisco Roughriders tickets.

Baseball is one of the most favorite games in the United States, and the excitement and joy of this game is further enhanced when the teams playing include some of the best players in the game, like Frisco RoughRiders. This Frisco, Texas based baseball club Frisco RoughRiders was founded in 1971. It is a minor league baseball team that plays as a AA affiliate of the Texas Rangers and plays in Texas League that is assigned to the South Division . The team relocated to Frisco, Texas in 2003 from Shreveport, Louisiana before which it was called Shreveport Captains and for some time, Shreveport SwampDragons . Mandalay Entertainment bought the franchise in 2003 in collaboration with Tom Hicks , who is the owner of SouthWest Sports Group. SouthWest Sports Group owns major league baseball team Texas Rangers . It was after this business deal that the team was moved to Frisco and renamed.

Frisco RoughRiders is currently based at Dr Pepper Ballpark situated in Frisco . The Stadium has a capacity to accommodate over 10,600 spectators at a time and was inaugurated on April 3, 2003. The construction of Dr Pepper Ballpark is done in a very unique and interesting way. The seating arrangement is done in such an innovative way that seats surround both bullpens, and a pool area is also made beyond the right center field area. The pool area is also available for rental by the visitors.

The team was named after the 1 st U. S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment that was being commanded by Theodore Roosevelt , who later became the President of the United States. Media used this name for the team initially that became the permanent name for the team later owing to the fact that this name was repeatedly used in the Newspapers for them.

The team’s performance followed a turbulent course through history, with periods of time when the team performed really well, while at other time their performance was not great enough. The team showed some remarkable success initially in the inaugural season, that helped establishing there identity as one of the good competitors. The team also qualified for the playoffs in their first season. However, they could not win the championship after losing to San Antonio Missions . There have been some of the most celebrated and immensely talented players that have played for Frisco RoughRiders including Fabio Castillo, Justin Miller, Erik Morrison, Guilder Rodriguez, Tyler Tufts and Robert Erlin. For all the baseball fans who wish to enjoy a quality sporting entertainment with a team that has both the stamina and the skill, Frisco RoughRiders tickets promise all their desires fulfilled!

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